Writing & Speaking – 2 Powerful Tools Of Communication. This has been my motto since I was a child. Of course, I didn’t realise its potential till much later. But I certainly do now. Through words, written or spoken we can express so much. We can tell our stories, share our our experiences and pass on our wisdom. Without a doubt, Writing & Speaking – 2 Powerful Tools Of Communication. Now that is not to say you can’t express yourself through music, dance and even sports. But I believe there is a whole different level of communication going on with your audience, reader or receiver. The written or spoken word carries much power.


-Only through communication can human life hold meaning – Paulo Freire


Over the years, I have tried my hand at writing plays and created spoken word performances. I have used words and music and created fabulous shows combining the two. In-between, I Emceed events, both conferences and music shows. Also I have been the Hostess with the Mostess at many live events. I have given speeches and been a judge too. I have contributed to 6 anthologies and published 4 books. This year I reached 217 blog posts. And this year, as for many of us, challenges and changes have been stranger than ever before.


-We meet ourselves time and time again in many different disguises on the path of life – Carl Jung


I have talked and written many times about how we have to be open to change and opportunity. Then, the importance of investing in yourself. Learning to question everything and to ask for what you want. I have written about confidence, courage and creativity and how crucial it is to Step Up & Stand Out. I have shared my knowledge, experience and wisdom with you all – my loyal readers.
The Friday Newsletter will be coming out every week and it will be packed with more ideas, thoughts opinions and fun stuff about the magic of words. As I mentioned in my email/newsletter, this will be the last blog for some time.
as I am focusing on spending time on the attendees of the Women’s Writers Circle –  Webinars and Speaking events.

Let me emphasise the magic of writing and the extraordinary benefits it brings to you as a writer and to your readers. Much of our activities are moving online. The stages, platforms, even soapboxes are out of bounds.
But writing your story, adventure, struggle, expertise or experience has no limits or boundaries. Start with a 50 word story. Try 100 words or 300 words. Write a poem or a blog. Write posts and articles. Create a vision board and cover it with powerful words. And of course, start writing that book of yours. We all have more than one story to share. One experience to tell and certainly many points of view to air.

I continue to encourage you to use all of your talents and skills and start Writing & Speaking – 2 Powerful Tools Of Communication that will provide you with a gift and a product you can give and sell again and again.

Thank you for your support and comments over these 200 + blog posts and keep writing and keep in touch.


-You have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world – Harriet Tubman


P.S. See you on the Friday Newsletter!

Georgia X


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