Even the greatest was once a beginner when they wrote their book!

Does that bother you that you have to start all over again?
From the beginning?
I love it!
It gives me a chance to revise all the things I missed first time around.
It offers an opportunity to excel where I didn’t before.
It means I get to do the fun stuff again and do it better!

If I remember the mistakes I made on my journey in life, I have to laugh at many of them.
Are you able to do that too?

I realised that lack of focus, concentration and distractions – half measures and poor attitude were responsible for all of them.
I have turned many into stories, lessons and examples and most of them are laughable!
You see, if you keep making the same mistake…well you know….

And writing a book often means going back to the beginning, the roots and the start of it all.
What a wonderful re- discovery!
How amazing is that to look back in hindsight and collect the treasures, stories and lessons that will fill your book with wonder and that page turning quality you want.

Recollecting the adventures, the mistakes, the solutions, the collaborations, the brainstorming and…so much more.
And, I can tell you from first hand experience with many published items in my bag – the clean page, the fresh start is invigorating!

Gong back to the roots of your story can be scary and exciting. Then you can sift through the lessons and experiences that are relevant and will resonate with your readers.
Remember it is about what they will benefit, what your readers will learn and gain from your words and messages.


-You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great – Zig Ziglar


If you know your story can impact others don’t hold yourself back any more.
Arrange a call with me and let’s get cracking …from where ever you are now.

Even the greatest was once a beginner when they wrote their book, just check out your favourites and champions.

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