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Finding Your Voice

It has never been a more relevant or popular time to share your story, speak your truth and write about your experiences. But the big question for many is - How do you find your voice? The voice that expresses you and your story? That unique sound that carries your...

Celebrating Our Imperfections!

Does that title sound strange to you? Is it a kind of controversial idea? Does it irritate you because you like striving to be perfect? Perfectionism has become a modern day headache; some may call it a psychological problem or even an obsession. Whatever name you...

Speaking Without Fear

How do you do it? How do you manage to get up and speak like that in public? Aren't you terrified? First of all, I am not going to say I never get nervous and I don't have doubts and fears - I am not super human, a guru or insensitive to fear! I do experience nerves...

Extroverts – Introverts – Ambiverts! Does It Really Matter?

Extroverts – Introverts – Ambiverts! Does It Really Matter? Carl Jung who popularised the terms extroversion-introversion must be rolling in his grave!He said clearly and wrote often that:’There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert, such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.’

Luck, Magic And Money

I don't believe in luck! You know the kind that is thrown around in phrases like: "Oh you are so lucky!" "What good luck!" Or worse still - "What bad luck!" When someone says; 'you are so lucky', they immediately negate or deny that you had anything to do with...

Hot Titles And How To Create Them

  I finished my last book back in 2013, a collection of ten short stories, wicked and mischievous. But it wasn't until a week before publication that I found the right title for it. My editor was going mad, well so was I. Then at 6 am one morning I woke up after...

My Books

Divine Damages (2013)

A collection of ten wickedly elegant stories about the ends and means women will go, to get even, to get justice and to get sweet revenge. Divine Damages is mischievous, ironic and downright satisfying, full of wry humour and menace that will leave you fulfilled and gratified.



Words on the Wild Side (2011)

A collection of eighty vibrant poems created whilst living in Spain. Some have the sharp and direct style of modern urban life, giving voice to those who have never received justice, those who seek revenge and those who attain it through magic or metamorphosis.