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If you are a Biz-Niz Woman – Entrepreneur or a Woman who wants to Step Up & Stand Out – You know you need to be Confident – Courageous & Creative –
What I call the 3 Big C’s –

In my coaching sessions, I focus on showing you how to implement the 3 Big C’s so you can be Heard – Understood & Believed in every situation.

  1. Learn to believe and trust in yourself to be Confident.
  2. Re-define Courage for yourself.
  3. Make important Decisions & Take Action on them.
  4. Express your Creative Talents.

These Bite sized coaching sessions will definitely accelerate your progress!

A 90-mins Bite Sized Brainstorming Session

For Female Entrepreneurs & Biz-niz Women who need honest, no-nonsense feedback, support and practical action steps.

As Entrepreneurs and Biz-niz Women, we need to have a strong profile on our social media platforms. And writing and speaking are our most important communication tools.

Developing the 3 Big C’s of Confidence – Courage & Creativity will help to build our public profile and give you:
The Confidence to ask for what you want.
The Courage to act upon your decisions.
The Creativity to continue and re-invent if you want to.

During the session we will:

  • Discover the 3 Big C’s
  • Clarify your next moves
  • Make decisions on your options, opportunities and choices
  • Create an action plan to get you to Step Up & Stand Out

You will also receive:

  • 90 minutes of my undivided attention to listen and give you feedback,
    recommendations and options to improve.
  • 90 minutes to focus entirely on what’s not working for you.
  • 90 minutes of getting to the core of your frustrations to Step Up & Stand Out.

    This is for you if you have had enough of:  playing small – hiding behind the rest – blaming your inhibitions.
    Are you ready To Step Up & Stand Out? Then let’s fire you up on all cylinders and get you rocketing out into the world!

3 x 60 min Power Sessions

For Female Entrepreneurs & Biz-Niz Women who really want to Step Up & Stand Out.

  1. What do you really really want?
  2. Decision time – weigh up options.
  3. Action Steps – Go.

Session 1. What do you really really want?

  • What’s bothering you most with your work?
  • Don’t know what to say or write?
  • Can’t see past the walls and ceilings?
  • Let’s get to the core of your immediate desires (goals)
  • Writing – speaking – creating your service or product.
  • Create your story, opinion or experience to write or talk about?

Session 2. Decision time – weigh up options.

  • Having a hard time making decisions?
  • Don’t know which way to go?
  • Let’s check out your choices and opportunities.
  • Feedback to improve.
  • Let’s decide!

Session 3. Action Steps – Go

  • What you are going to do.
  • The Action Plan
  • Three to Five Steps to take now!
  • Time to go public on Video, Stage and Page

What I Can Offer You

Too many Female Entrepreneurs & Biz-niz Women are troubled by overwhelm, fear of failing and even succeeding. So much so  that we stay safe, play small and hide our uniqueness and genius.
Because we all have some.

If you feel your confidence has taken a blow –
Your courage is nowhere to be seen –
And as for creativity –
Well, that was dampened long ago –

Then press pause and say:
I am ready to:
Express my confidence!
Re-define my courage!
And let my creativity shine!

I am offering you honest, no nonsense, natural conversations.
And, accountability and support to get you to Step Up & Stand Out.

Many people shy away from the phrase – Tough Love –
They feel it is lacking in compassion and bit too masculine!
But really it is Life!
Beautiful & Gorgeous
And sometimes, it is just the kind of Feedback you need.
This is what I shall be offering in my Bite Size Brainstorming Coaching Sessions.

“Thank you for all your down to earth advice. It really helped me to see things from a different perspective and to stop my self-sabotage. Your easy to follow action steps
gave me a boost of self-confidence and a kick up the bum (in the best possible way!) that was long overdue!”

Elaine Carver Business owner

About Georgia Varjas

My experience, wisdom and knowledge comes from living life to the full, making plenty of mistakes and learning and laughing from them. I come from the school of tough love and get to the point now – please

I have patience but I want to encourage you to Step Up & Stand Out – today!

Read more about me here.

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