About Georgia Varjas

Ever since my legs have grown long enough I have been jumping up on tables, desks, soap boxes, platforms and stages to sing, dance, play my saxophone, recite poems, plays and speeches in order to inspire, influence and make money.

To Live the Nourishing and Flourishing Life.

How did I do this?

Through creating my own unique performance style.
Whenever I spoke in front of one or one hundred, I had already
decided to give my best, be professional, have fun and go out
there and perform.

I made many mistakes. Some made me cry and others laugh, but I
pushed through, rehearsing, asking and questioning the wise and
experienced and then, went back out there, until I heard the
applause and the gold coming in again.

And even when I write – a poem, a speech or story, I am using the
same fire and energy, the same performance skills.
My brain, tongue, heart and thoughts are all connected.
Whether it is the written or spoken word for video, stage or page, I
want to share the best – all the confidence, competence and
courage I have.

We all encounter obstacles, doors and glass ceilings.
But these experiences offer a choice.
We can rise up or give up.
This is our choice.
This is the Ride of our life.

The more we Step Up and Stand Out the more we will be Heard
Understood and Believed.
Grab your fire and energy and get out there and perform to
achieve and accomplish whatever you want.

-You Can Get It If You Really Want – Jimmy Cliff

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