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Our alphabet has 26 letters that can create magic and drama, can cause joy and pain, love and conflict – it’s your choice.

I started writing dialogue as a teenager. 

Two people facing each other, loving, fighting, caring, arguing, debating, cajoling. It was packed with nouns and verbs. It was exciting and fast paced.

It was drama on a stick. These were my writing prompts.

I used my pen to express stories and situations I wanted and didn’t want in my life.

I went on to learn many different ways to express myself with words and music.

As a professional saxophonist, I was able to work in theatres, accompanying solo acts, creating moods and emotions – stories even, to enhance the performance.

I had a business card that read: Talkative Music.

I performed poems, stories and short dialogues to music. 

A kind of White Girl Rap.

I wrote to perform. 

Poems, scripts, monologues and 3 minute plays.

I entered performance poetry contests. 

Slammed in the States with a team of amazing poets. 

I loved the spoken word scene and provoked, engaged, humoured and made audiences think. 

And now, I write to speak. I write to express myself – and others, especially women, through plays, poems, scripts, blogs, articles, short stories and, 4 published books. 

I write to reassure, console, energise, boost and inspire others to think for themselves, to share their expertise and experiences and their wisdom.

And now, as a book writing coach…

I encourage you – to write.

To show and share with the world your own exceptional life experiences and knowledge.

Because I know that writing leads to self-revelations of the extraordinary kind.

Your book is your legacy, your marketing tool, your imprint and impact on the world.

Writing is an expression of who you are. And it is this experience that I share, offering book advice, writing advice, coaching you to become a published author…almost like a book doula!

The tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break a heart.  Take care of your words, take care of your language.  Anon (probably a woman)

Georgia is a Master Mentor that blends creativity and purpose with a hot deadline and creative street smarts.

Creative productivity is her jam! She invites you to tap into your own dream, story, vision and voice to triumph over your own self-worth.

Georgia is a gem in getting my book ideas constructively together to publishers to support my own coaching practice.  I saved so much time and discovered my greatness by her systems and structures and with awareness.

She is a blast to surround yourself with and also has such an articulate classy charm to be around! So grateful for my Book relationship journey with her! I highly recommend her as your Master Coach to pull your story and ideas together and get on stage!

Book her for a coaching series on your team, you will be pleased you did for your own mindset, challenge and excitement to birth your book.

Thank you Georgia!

Jane Morba

Intuitive Style Coach

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