Have you said this to yourself?
Has someone else told you  that you must write a book?
And your reply was: Someday I Will Write a Book!

It is easy to say isn’t it but as you know and you tell others too…someday is over the rainbow day!

On the other side of this discussion is the over-enthusiast, who says I am going to write a chapter a day and in 2 weeks I’ll have a book!
So, if you wanted to build a house you’d go out and buy some bricks and then just lay the down in a nice arrangement and you’d have a house?
Of course not. You have to prepare, organise, draw up, structure…at the very least.

Well same goes for a book.


-The process of writing a book is like preparing a dinner. From ingredients to serving dishes and so on – Brian Tracey


Many of us have great ideas for a book but don’t know how to start. Here are some pointers to get you moving.

  1. Ask yourself and write down, what is the heart and core of your book? The main theme.
  2. What are the top subjects you want to include? Write down 10 to 15 topics.
  3. Who wants to read it? Name them.
  4. What are the lessons you want to let people know about and what will they learn and gain from them?
  5. And what are the stories that will illustrate these fascinating facts?


-An important key to self-confidence is preparation – Arthur Ashe


And one of the most beneficial ways to be prepared to write a book of 40,000 words or more is to be part of a writing group that:
– Shows you how to find your writing voice and style.
– To tap into your imagination.
– Ditch business jargon.
– Learn to give and receive feedback …. and best of all write!
The Creative Writing Group is moving into the 5th round

There are 3 more  programs for 2024 and the next one starts:

  • Tuesday 9th July and runs till and including 13th August
  • Tuesday 20th August to and including 24th September
  • Tuesday 8th October to and including 12th November

The price remains the same for the whole year at £300 for 6 online sessions every Tuesday at 6pm BST/GMT – 7pm CEST/CET
More information can be found on my website and DM me on Linkedln for a speedy response.


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