One of the most challenging aspects of finishing writing your book is realising that now you have to start marketing it.
Well, actually you have to start marketing it during the writing process.
Yes, that is what I said – but more on that later.

Myths and Disappointments

One of the big disappointments for many authors is the fact that they have to promote and market their own book.
Independent events planners, publicists and marketers admit that more authors are needing their services to become visible and receive the attention and recognition they want,
Book promotion and the marketing of books is just not given priority by publishing house – big or small.

My experience and continued advice to budding authors, is to start talking, discussing and sharing your ‘upcoming book’ as soon as you have the first few chapters solid and rolling.

Do you know that 2.2 million books were published last year globally?
How can you make your book stand out and last?
Who will market your book and how will you market your book?


3 Hot Tips to Market Your Book to Give & Sell for Years


1. Is your book content aligned to your business? Non-fiction books especially.
Is your topic evergreen?
Will it still be in trend next year? Remember how long it took you to write, edit and publish it?

2. What’s in it for the reader?
This is a question I ask all my budding authors in our coaching sessions – almost every session.
Let’s face it, website, workshop. online course or book we all want to know what is in it for me?

  3.Invest, don’t be mean. How long did you spend writing and editing it professionally? How much time and energy did you put into the book?
Don’t skimp on your masterpiece. Invest in you and make it work for you!

Ask yourself which one of the tips resonate most with you or which one/s do you resist?

Remember, that once you start talking, posting and discussing your book, not only do you gain curiosity, pre-orders, accountability but  greater confidence too!
It is so important to get into the frame of mind that you are responsible to get your words, story and lessons out there.
People want to know you, see you, hear you and understand you – ready to engage and buy, prepared to connect and become clients.

If you have a book in you, start thinking about marketing and promoting your book early on in the planning.
This is something I emphasise with all my budding authors. We talk and chew over all the possibilities to become a ‘name’ during, meanwhile, and after the writing process.
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