Does your book have a future? Do you know how to write a book that resonates, sells and lasts?

When it comes to writing a book, many people stumble on the first step – finding the topic that is tuned into their professional and personal life and yet is captivating and enduring.
How can you write a book that is in demand and will also echo down the years?
Is it possible to create something original and lasting?

I believe it is but you need to be aware of a few practical steps when you write a book.

Here are my 3 wise must haves:

Write a book that resonates and has a future and shows and shares your experiences and expertise that is relevant to today’s audience and beyond.
This means you understand the difference between current and fashionable subjects and know how to include them or not – with discernment.


The core message  when you write a book is that it resonates, engages and creates affinity with your reader. It requires a page turning quality of interest, learning and fascination.
It needs to satisfy your reader and have lasting value.


The content teaches, entertains, makes you think and shows understanding. Critical thinking and thought provoking opinions are encouraged to widen horizons.
It needs to be a book you can boast about, encourage others to buy and stays on their book shelf ready to pull out and quote.

-If there’s a book you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it -Toni Morrison

Many people struggle to find their writing voice. One way to accomplish this is to write a book like way you speak. Use your engaging colloquial style to start writing.
You can always improve, add and subtract words that fly off the page as they do when you speak.
Record yourself reading your speech/blog or ideas. Listen back and see what works.
Listening to your own words you will hear clearly the language you are using and whether it fits with your style and your audience.
Remember to avoid the colloquial ‘killer fillers’ like – so, well and then, and a whole host of others.
Through these exercise you will find a You-nique voice to write a book.


Start to express your ideas in a newsletter on LinkedIn. before you write a book. A blog on your website. An article for an online magazine.
Let the world know your word matters and you have ideas, opinions, points of views and experiences to reveal.
Turn your business topic into a membership group, a place where you write your words and ideas regularly.
Make your social media posts relevant to your business – write your talk.
This is an excellent way to build your confidence and discover the ideal topics when you write a book.


Be visible! Come alive on video. Start by doing videos on zoom, keep recording and pick and choose the best after you have saved and uploaded to your computer (easy peasey really!)
Or record on your phone and upload through messenger or other simple system. Tell the world your message. Keep it short, succinct and sweet. I am ready to write a book!
Don’t fuss over your appearance but be professional. Cut all longwinded introductions, apologies and weather conditions.
Remember practise leads to confidence.

In all my programs, I discuss with the budding authors the present and future of their topics, before they start to write a book. And to feel connected to the subjects on all levels.
In today’s fast changing and demanding world – topics come and go, bad news lingers and good news fades.
Discovering and identifying your subjects takes a little research, questioning and …mining for the gold!
In this article you will read some top advice about creating a book that is current yet timeless.
As authors, we want to write a book that is centrally relevant to society and people no matter how much the world around us changes.

When you write a book, it must have all the ingredients that align to your business, like, expertise, colour and personality.
The book you write will sit by your desk, on your shelf and will be always ready to quote from!

First steps – take a deeper look at my website and the masterclasses, writing groups and 1-2-1 sessions I offer.

If you want to arrange a book plan call with me to discuss how you can write a book, and how to go about doing this in practise – arrange the call here.
The booking form has some thought provoking questions that will encourage you to explore further.

To summarise:
Find the heart and core of your book that aligns with your business and your life.
Research similar/same topics, what was said and how they wrote it before you write a book.
Discover and list your You-nique angle and perspectives.
Talk about your book ideas, share and discuss and be visible.

Keep in mind that to write a book you need to be confident, courageous and creative and the best part is they are all learnable skills.

Keep writing!



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