How long does it take to write a book?
I have been asked this question numerous times and have to answer it with a question.

How long does it take to start a business, build a relationship or become successful?
How much time, energy and investment are you prepared to put into writing your book?


-Our struggles are the short term lessons we learn, to achieve long term success – Simon Sinek


Now if you ask me, how many words do I need to write? I can certainly give you answers.

It will be between  45,000 to 65,000 words for a non-fiction book and 90,000 plus for a fiction book.
There, a simple answer.
So how long will it take you to write a 1000 words? Thirty minutes, one hour or more?
You have your answers.

You see everything can be broken down into numbers.


Remember the reader is looking for answers, solutions, ways and methods to find results. If your book can do this in less words – stop counting and write!
Writing a book is not a numbers game and neither is it for any AI device glaring in your face at the moment.
Writing your book is one of life’s most cathartic, therapeutic and extraordinary experiences.
It is something that will truly bring huge changes for you.

And that is something you want to savour and enjoy. Right?

Once you recognise the importance of your words, your teachings, once you realise you have something of value to offer, you will want to write.
Your desire and passion will overcome the obstacles around time and numbers. You will have developed  a compulsion, a craving and a yearning to write, complete and publish your book!


-It takes an awful lot of time not to write a book – Douglas Adams


Let me encourage you to make that start to write your book.
Allow me to introduce you to a world of self-expression and newly found confidence and courage.

Here are some guidelines to create a book that will resonate, sell and last.

  • A great book needs fascinating stories and intriguing facts. It will need a balance of lessons and stories that will teach/train or inform the reader.
  •  From the first paragraph, the reader must be inspired, motivated and captured.
  • It needs to be current but with a lasting message. It needs that classic page turning element. A book you want your reader to return to, pull off the shelf and quote often.


So many of us have excellent stories and experiences to share that could really make an impact on the world. Stories that have a message, a meaning and carry that leaf of longevity.
And the key to turning it all into a book is about combining the intriguing stories with fascinating facts.
This is the basis for writing a book for impact and longevity.

What's Your Story

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Meanwhile….Keep Writing!

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