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One of the most valuable investments you can make for your confidence, courage and creativity is to write a book.

Writing your story, expertise and wisdom brings about:

The confidence to ask for what you want.

The courage to go and get it.

The creativity to keep going…creatively.

Whether you are writing your journal, short stories, articles, newsletters, blogs, your signature speech or book – writing is one of the best avenues to provide you with short and long-term personal and professional benefits. 

If you are an extraordinary businessperson with a brilliant service or product and real experiences and expertise you will find that writing your book will offer you opportunities that till now were but dreams.


Georgia Varjas

What I offer on all my programs:


  1. Writing strategy.

The practical steps your need to start, continue and finish your manuscript.

  1. A marketing mindset.

A frequent reminder to talk, write and speak about your book on your social media and face-to-face events.

  1. Publishing options.

Introductions to publishers that offer a professional and affordable service.


If you are ready to write your book check out the programs below and then arrange a free book plan call today

Your voice and your pen are your two most powerful tools of communication.

An In-Person Half Day Writing Extravaganza
A 3-hour VIP workshop in central London to bring your book idea to life! 

Write for Summer
A 4-week online Summer program to prepare to you write YOUR book.

Premium 6 Month Program

A 6-month writing program. If you have a compelling story, expertise or message to write but need time to research and think, this is for you.

Premium 3 Month Program

A complete 12-week writing programme to work with you from the start of your book to the final full-stop. 


Georgia is an incredibly creative and talented speaker and writer with a wonderful background in performance and music. She uses her amazing experience to enrich the lives of others.

- Helen Packham, 
Business and Leadership Coach


“As an executive coach, I am doubly (and unashamedly) fussy when choosing a coach for myself…

But it was not the case with Georgia.

So, if like me, you need Incentive, inspiration, Insight, Georgia is the writing coach for you!”

-Dr. Catherine A Baudino


In order to get where you are isn’t easy. You need to keep going, keep finding your way and I think Georgia’s got that in spades. She lives it, she breaths it. 

- Ann Daniels,
Polar Explorer and Motivational Speaker


I am on a brilliant book coaching programme with Georgia, she is a breath of fresh air! I highly recommend her.

I was quite unsure and nervous when I started my book journey and did not think that a girl ‘like me’ had anything worthwhile to say.

Fast forward to now, Wowza, yes Georgia has helped uncover the writer in me!

She has helped guide me, help me understand the value of my experience and the stories I have to share. I have learned to be more confident, bolder, and more self-assured than I have ever been. Her tough, yet gentle guidance, prodding, and pushing are really valuable to help stay on track and get the

book published. My personal confidence has transformed and I am delighted to be on this journey.

Georgia you are a superstar!



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