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For women who want to skyrocket their communication skills on video, stage & page for more credibility, impact and income.

If you are a woman who wants to Step Up & Stand Out with Confidence, Courage & Creativity – you will love the writings, videos and coaching packages in these pages. This is for women ready to fire up their energy and skills and to get Heard, Understood, Believed and Paid!

Work With Me

Group Book Writing Circle or 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

Women’s Writers Circle
A community for writers who want to start writing their book 

A 6 week Pilot writers circle to get you started on writing the book you have been dreaming about for years.

Just imagine how you would feel when you hold your book in your hand?

The satisfaction, pride and joy.

The doors it can open for you in your business.

How it will build your reputation as an expert in your field.

6 weeks – £249

(Special price for founding members who join the first circle)

Power Hour
How to write your book & get it out there! 

Whether you are at the beginning of your book writing rollercoaster ride and just want to get going, need some structure, accountability, clarity and confidence –

Perhaps, you are half way through your draft and feeling frustrated at your progress, or overwhelmed even stuck –

Or you have finished a couple of drafts and don’t know where to publish, promote, hire a PR company, go audio or eBook –

I have many steps, strategies and solutions you can take action on to start, finish and begin to promote your writing projects.

60 minute session – £99

Mindset Book Writing Coaching
Private Coaching Sessions 

Individual sessions with Georgia available either as one off or in sets of 3.

These coaching sessions are open to women and men.

These are high powered sessions to overcome writing doubts, roadblocks, indecisiveness, procrastination, faltering, overwhelm, misgivings and any other delay tactics that us authors are capable of inventing.

You will get back on track to completing your manuscript and getting your book out there.

Each session is for 90 minutes at £197

3 sessions of 90 minutes at £575

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Georgia is an incredibly creative and talented speaker and writer with a wonderful background in performance and music. She uses her amazing experience to enrich the lives of others.

- Helen Packham, 
Business and Leadership Coach


Georgia gave me confidence and guidance when first speaking in my industry but it was her insight and focus on the details that really brought my presentation style alive, and made the talks so successful!

-Vicki Jakes,


In order to get where you are isn’t easy. You need to keep going, keep finding your way and I think Georgia’s got that in spades. She lives it, she breaths it. 

- Ann Daniels,
Polar Explorer and Motivational Speaker


I just had a wonderful breakthrough book coaching session with Georgia and cannot recommend her enough! The moment I connected with Georgia it felt that I’ve known her for years. She’s a dream to work with! We just clicked straight away so beautifully and harmoniously. She has this beautiful energy and passion that empowers you to quit your limitations and trust yourself, so you just feel limitless and ready to share your story with the world.

She helped me to unleash my ideas and creativity and gave me concrete tips to nourish the eBook guide I wrote last year and transform it into a fabulous book that will allow me to step up and stand out in my coaching business. I can’t wait for my future readers to dive into my story and be empowered. Thank you so much, Georgia you rock!

-Marie-France Samba,

Coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs & women in business

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3 Simple Steps to get you started writing your book

3 Simple Steps to get you started writing your book


If you have been thinking about writing your book but never got started because:


- You didn't know how to start and felt overwhelmed

- Began with the blank page syndrome and....

- Don't feel your book is important enough


I know how that feels!

I have written 4 books and contributed to many anthologies and jumped over all those hurdles and more.

That is why I am excited to give you this FREE guide to gettng started with your book.


PLUS - Details of my brand new, Women's Writing Circle - A 6 week program for female writers wanting to write their first book.



Welcoming all writers wanting to find something worthwhile, beneficial for now and the future.


Because your book is a gift and a product that you can read, and sell again and again.

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