By Georgia Varjas

Divine Damages


A collection of ten wickedly elegant stories about the ends and means women will go, to get even, to get justice and to get sweet revenge. In the opening story, ‘Stalking Patty’, a thirty something woman, infertile and miserable, waits until “her plate is freezing cold” before she carries out her vengeance. In ‘Female Instincts’, cuckolded Frances suffers a double betrayal and teams up with her girlfriends to make a dynamic trio and go for the ultimate payback. Then there is ‘Rambo Lady’, the world’s doormat. One day she hatches out of her own shell and randomly selects six men disciplining them with a psychological treatment that is both divine and damaging. Divine Damages is mischievous, ironic and downright satisfying, full of wry humour and menace that will leave you fulfilled and gratified.

Georgia Varjas

A Speaker with confidence and vitality, bringing wisdom, knowledge and sass to the stage. Responsible and courageous, ready to connect and encourage. My Edge comes from 25 years in the Show Biz World, as a musician, performance poet, playwright and author.

Available June, 2019

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Georgia is an incredibly creative and talented speaker and writer with a wonderful background in performance and music. She uses her amazing experience to enrich the lives of others.

– Helen Packham, 
Business and Leadership Coach


Georgia is a multi-lingual/multi-talented individual always challenging herself and widening the posts of her goals and objectives

-Toastmasters International


In order to get where you are isn’t easy. You need to keep going, keep finding your way and I think Georgia’s got that in spades. She lives it, she breaths it. 

– Ann Daniels,
Polar Explorer and Motivational Speaker

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