We can all agree that life is one big learning curve. From the minute we start to gurgle, or crawl, we make mistakes and then, we grow up. We keep on learning and developing new skills. Most of us also know that life is one big roller coaster, full of ups and downs, swerves and bends. Yet, as we reach adulthood, too many of us become fixated on the errors, the blunders and failures. Too often the focus is on success, being first and receiving awards and trophies. In sports, science, also mathematics accuracy is essential. But let’s not get distracted or confused – what I am referring to here is a mindset issue. Don’t Be Perfect, Make Some Mistakes!


Always make new mistakes – Esther Dyson


Did you know that perfection is fast going out of fashion? It is hard to believe because so many of us, especially the ladies out there seem to think that Perfect Rules OK.
It doesn’t. You really only learn in life by making a few good mistakes. I know from my own experience that if I keep burning the rice, I will get a reputation as …a  serial rice burner, unreliable in the kitchen or irresponsible with hot things.
But I have a choice, I can learn from my mistakes. I can learn – in this case, as a frequent rice burner, to pay more attention to the bubbling contents on the stove. I could buy a pressure cooker, I could ask someone else to cook the rice. There it is  – a solution. Don’t Be Perfect Make Some Mistakes! And, focus on solutions not the mistakes.


-Mistakes are the portals of discovery – James Joyce


Here are 3 essential actions to handle those sticky situations we call mistakes!

1. Admit it and acknowledge it and forgive yourself and you will immediately feel better.
2. Take responsibility, it is never as bad as you think – because –
3. You can now search for a solution, another way, another idea.
Michael Jordan said: I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.


It is like in writing – how many drafts must you write to make that manuscript book-shelf-ready? How many edits and proof reads will your book take? And, how many more mistakes will you make in order to get your book ready?
I believe it is important to team up, work with likeminded and professionals, With all 4 of my books, I invested in mentors and coaches, editors, proof readers and PR teams. And for sure, I couldn’t have finished and taken that book out into the world without them!
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I am starting a 12 week Book writing challenge and opening up a few slots for individual work.
The group work will bring in enormous outcomes for the writer and the individual sessions will get you focused on the work and not the mistakes!

Also coming up is the 4th webinar in the Step Up & Stand Out series, with a fantastic topic: How To Speak Up Without Fear
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Meanwhile, let me encourage you to Feed the Self-belief and Starve the Fears!


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