Are you ready to write your book in just 12 weeks (or less)?  




Georgia Varjas

Fiction or non-fiction writers, come and join me for a challenge like no other.

Because you can write your book in 12 weeks (or less!)

This 12 week book writing challenge for fiction and non-ficton writers is a unique mentorship program.

 Hosted by Georgia Varjas

  • Author of 4 books both fiction and non-fiction 
  • Contibutor to 6 anthologies 
  • Writer of more than 200 blog posts 

Bob Proctor was told by Napoleon Hill (his mentor) “Do exactly as I tell you to do and you will succeed.”

Bob Proctor is the global CEO of Proctor Gallagher Institute. He is an entrepreneur counsellor and consultant, motivational speaker and author of 9 books.

Listen – Learn – Do the Work and you too can write your book in 12 weeks (or less!)

The Rule Breaker's Guide - Georgia Varjas

Weekly Sessions

12 weeks of mentorship from Georgia Varjas

Each week’s session will have a different topic to cover all you need to write your book.

See below for example of the weekly topics.

Session 1 - Importance of Your Book
Session 2 - Structuring Your Words
Session 3 - Research
Session 4 - First Three Chapters
Session 5 - A mindset Session
Session 6 - The Mid Book Writing Crisis
Sessions 7 to 10 - Work in progress sessions
Session 11 - Read - Revise - Redraft
Session 12 - Last steps and next moves

Why bring together Fiction & Non-Fiction writers?

Fiction writers write narrative, story and dialogue. They understand drama and the power of showing not telling.

Non-Fiction writers recognise the importance of research, data and scientific evidence. They know the power of including back up, case studies and reliable resources.

Both have benefits and skills to share with each other.

Client Testimonals

“Wow! I had a ‘How To Write Your Book & Get It Out There!’ session with Georgia and in just one hour she helped me gain clarity, direction, and understand the role that the ‘why’ behind a book plays in moving forward with my plans to write a book to help entrepreneurs do their own PR.

Georgia is friendly, professional, and energetic and her coaching style like a breath of fresh air. She was able to able to unlock what was the key barrier to me being stagnant with my book writing with her clever questioning and broad thinking.

I left our session 100% satisfied and crystal clear on what I need to do to move forward with my book which I am excited to start working on again! Thank you Georgia!”

Colette Machado

PR Consultant/Coach

Georgia is a Master Mentor that blends creativity and purpose with a hot deadline and creative street smarts. 

Creative productivity is her jam! She invites you to tap into your own dream, story, vision and voice to triumph over your own self-worth.  

Georgia is a gem in getting my book ideas constructively together to publishers to support my own coaching practice.  I saved so much time and discovered my greatness by her systems and structures and with awareness. 

She is a blast to surround yourself with and also has such an articulate classy charm to be around! So grateful for my Book relationship journey with her! I highly recommend her as your Master Coach to pull your story and ideas together and get on stage!  

Book her for a coaching series on your team, you will be pleased you did for your own mindset, challenge and excitement to birth your book.   

Thank you Georgia!  

Jane Morba

Intuitive Style Coach

“Thank you for all your down to earth advice. It really helped me to see things from a different perspective and to stop my self-sabotage. Your easy to follow action steps gave me a boost of self-confidence and a kick up the bum (in the best possible way!) that was long overdue!”

Elaine Carver

Business Owner

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