Have you ever started to write or speak about a topic believing it is a great and original idea? Then, you are told that so and so has already said that, built it or sold it? The concept or belief that there is nothing original and everything has been done before has been leaked into our heads from way before school started. Yet, if we study famous writers and artists, all of them started off by copying, imitating or just plain stealing from those that went before. During the Elizabethan era, stealing words, stories and plays was rife. We know now that Shakespeare stole heavily and blatantly from his contemporary, Christopher Marlowe. However, fifteen years later when he penned Hamlet, Authentic Shakespeare evolved. He had learned the 3 Top Secrets To Being  Original & Unique.

-Originality is the art of hiding your source – Harry Roolaart


There is nothing new in this. Many singers begin their careers singing ‘cover’ songs, and with abundant rehearsals and good connections, transform into original talent.
We know that copying, imitating and stealing is the way kids learn. As you experience more, unearth and identify what is your true ‘voice”, the pioneer, the maverick in you is born.

There is always a new approach to becoming a virtuoso. It is your unique take on a topic. Your authentic version of life. Many of us first need to scrape away the dust of conditioning, religious indoctrination and peer group pressure or political trends. But once achieved, it is truly amazing what brilliant ingenious ideas you can create.
Think about Jazz music, those incredible improvised solos Coltrane or Ella Fitzgerald accomplished spontaneously. Pure bona fide inspiration. It is all about the remix. Building on what has gone before and adding your twist of lemon. Your toque of unique inspiration, your shaken but not stirred style.

Step Up & Stand Out with your personality, your creative skills and that je ne sais quoi that is you. That is what is behind the 3 Top Secrets To Being Original & Unique.
Here are my 3 Top Secrets To Being An Original & Unique You

  1. Let go of over analysing, over thinking and over labelling everything. Instead develop self confidence. Believe in your talents and skills.
  2. Use more of your creative powers. Write blogs, articles, journals – write your book! Speak on video, speak up about what matters to you!
  3. Take decisive action on your ideas. Grab your confidence and courage to show off your authentic style. Yes and that means wear a different hat!


-Being like everyone else is highly over rated – Mart E. Pearson


One of the most powerful ways to express your original twist on life is through writing. There is nothing like holding your own book in your hand. The satisfaction of releasing your experience, knowledge and wisdom out into the world is tremendous. It is a super smart way to show and share your authority and expertise. It is a reputation builder. And if you don’t want to shelve it – pass it on to someone you know will love the contents.
Books have a way of travelling around, inspiring and influencing readers. So, have you written your book? Are you still dreaming about it? Perhaps even planning how you will do it?
Let me encourage you start now! Put pn to paper, finger to keyboard, vocals to record but start now.

And if you want some support, accountability and guidance – check out my unique book writing challenge – both for group and individual coaching sessions.
As the wise man says: The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size – Albert Einstein

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