We hear a lot of advice about taking time off to de-stress and relax. The opinion of experts is that we all need a break in our routine to replenish the mind, body and soul.
So are you taking a vacation, staycation or at home with your playstation? I know that this year, conditions and circumstances are different but still  – August is holiday season for many of us. Of course, it all depends if you are a sun seeker and search out beaches and summer cocktails under the moonlight. Or totally prefer the cooler days of Autumn, changing colours and new fresh winds. But August has 31 days and we all have to go through it. Whether we switch off and enjoy or count the days slowly tapping away on our laptops. August only comes once a year and if nothing else you have to understand the Benefits Of Taking A Break And Switching Off.


-You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation – Plato


Stepping out of the routine comes natural to me. I value my free time because I spend enough time working. I enjoy my work even when I am faced with challenges, deadlines or tricky clients.
For example, I live near to a Mediterranean beach and I love to swim in the sea. But check this, after my swim, I’ll sit and write as I dry off, get my breath back and enjoy the blues and sunshine. I often write super sonic nuggets to add to my blogs, articles or videos. I am switched off from work but have my imagination antenna open and receiving.
That’s what I do for an hour or two and then return home to work – again – or maybe not!

-Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you – Anne Lamont


Many of us still underestimate the value of taking time out and time off. Sometimes we fill our heads with guilt and shame and go down the workaholic highway.
We convince ourselves we don’t need a break, it’s not necessary and I can’t afford it. All of these reasons may be true for you but have a look again at the general advice on this topic from other experts.
Of course, it is all relative and down to your personal circumstances and not everyone can afford the time or finances to take a cruise around a tropical island – but you could take your deckchair to the park, organise a picnic with friends, or have that weekend by the sea – What I am saying is that it is all about an investment in your self. Recognising you are worth it.


-When I take time out, I find myself going into Absorption Mode – Georgia Varjas


I call it doing the sponge thing!

  • Soaking up some quality nourishment and rest.
  • Day time and night time dreaming.
  • Reading something totally different.

I reckon it is all about working hard and playing hard. I take that to mean – make your Biz-Niz work for you, so you can take the breaks that benefit you.
Meanwhile, invest in some quality time out! And while you are in relaxed mode – have a look at a new exciting program I am offering starting in the New Year 2021.
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And if you have any wisdom or great ideas to share about taking time off – do share in the comments below.


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