Every day we are faced with making an extraordinary amount of decisions. From all the simple everyday things about what to wear, eat and cross off our ‘to do lists’.
Our minds are full of imagination and curiosity, always seeking more. New phrases, new expressions, ideas and thoughts. For the first fifteen to twenty years, we call it education and then we call it experience.
The search for knowledge continues throughout our lives. There is always something we want to know more about.
But all these options and choices require decisions. But How To Make The Right Decision In 10 Minutes Or Less?
The worst thing about this highly important skill is we are not taught how to decide – in ten minutes or 24 hours!

– Wisdom is the daughter of experience – Leonardo da Vinci



Decision making is often one of the most difficult and confusing challenges we face. The fact that decision making is not taught in schools and is almost non existent in the training institutions of the corporate world…it is no wonder that our decision muscles become weak.


-A decision is a commitment not a wish – Bob Proctor 


How do you reach a decision that pushes you forward in the direction you want to go?
Can you really make a decision quickly?
What can you do to make a smart decision and feel confident whatever the outcome?


-Choice, chance and change – key ingredients of decision making – Georgia Varjas


In today’s world, we are often asked to make a quick decision. But this is not my aim. I am not offering ‘quick solutions’ or a method to speed up your abilities. I am sharing with you a way to make confident and smart decisions that benefit you. We sometimes say Yes with a smile and it is all about pleasing others. Or we say No because we can’t decide! Some of us just don’t know what we really want. And some of us don’t trust our own voice.
Indecisiveness is a real confidence killer.

I believe it starts with tapping into your knowledge, wisdom and experience. And that also means your experience of making mistakes. Learning from our mistakes is a great way to develop the skill of smart decision making.
It is about trusting your instincts and making judgements on what your heart tells you, what your guts are telling. You can ask around for other peoples opinions, ask for guidance, or for more knowledge. But in the end, it is you who makes up your mind. You are the one that says, ‘Yes I’ll  Go For It!’  Make that decision, that commitment and feel the joy, the surge of energy and confidence.

‘Is that all?’ I can hear some of you saying?  As if relying on your knowledge, wisdom and experience is just too simple – or not enough. Surely, there is more than just your instincts?
Remember, making a decision doesn’t have to be complex. You can learn How To Make The Right Decision In 10 Minutes Or Less without doing the “over-the-top-thing”


-I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey


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Have you got a decision to make? How do you decide? Do share your thoughts in the comments!


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