I was scrolling down on FB the other day and came across a brilliant mother and daughter team. As it turned out the daughter was sharing practical tips about managing and growing a YouTube channel. She told us how having a weekly plan helped her to be consistent (see my blog from last week!) but the best was to come. This fourteen year old said she wanted her channel to be the kind that she would also want to watch, tune into and follow. And, it had to be informative and entertaining. That was the music to my ears. Content  needs to be inspirational and entertaining. This energetic youngster gave me the incentive to write this post, How To Make An Impact & Enjoy Yourself.


-See your setbacks as a learning curve – Georgia Varjas


Call them mistakes, errors or Boo-Boo’s we all make them. But as I have said before, the key is to learn from them and move on. Make a mistake, learn how to improve, take action. If not you will only keep repeating the mistake. After a while I learnt to see the humour in my errors. It’s true, it is a fine balance between taking yourself seriously and taking what you do seriously –  and still having fun. Sometimes you just have to see the funny side.

-People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing – Dale Carnegie


Even with serious topics there is a place for lightness and warmth. Leadership with compassion and business acumen, something many women leaders bring to the table.
Remember you don’t have to be perfect, just professional. And it is worth watching the sports people you admire, and note what attracts you to them besides their talent. Or a singer, musician, dancer that you may see interviewed and ask yourself what is appealing about them? Their humour, love of life, quick wittedness, amazing smile or kindness? There is always something we appreciate besides their talent otherwise we wouldn’t be watching them.


Here are 4 things you can do right now to add some fun when you are doing business with your clients and customers..

  • Learn what are your greatest attributes and play to your strengths.
  • Smile and express your humour – we all have one. (Be aware of your timing!)
  • Share what you learn and share your mistakes.
  • Listen and pay attention to those talking, really show interest.


As we come out of this period of confinement, new lessons will be implemented. Let’s make them positive ones. Why not initiate something upbeat and expansive into the work mix?
Be open to change and differences. Focus on solutions rather than problems. All of these and many more will help you learn How To Make An Impact & Enjoy Yourself when you return to work or resume a new work regime.

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-If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun! – Katherine Hepburn



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