The other day I was sitting in a train observing a woman opposite me engrossed in reading a book.
Her mind was deep inside those pages, nothing distracted her. She was travelling within that book. It was taking her to places afar.
Every so often she would look up and out of the window, the book cradled against her chest and her gaze far into the distance. Then, her expression changed, her forehead squeezed together and her fingers touched her lips, like she was thinking something through. After several minutes, her eyes shifted back to the open pages and and there she stayed till she reached her destination.

OMG, I thought, I want to write a book like that – wouldn’t you? A book that captures and holds your reader, makes them think and keeps them reading till the very end.
This is writing for impact and longevity


-We write to taste life in the moment and in retrospect – Anais Nin


It started my mind to navigate all the different ways you can create impact and longevity, by writing, all the must haves and can’t do with outs such as:
Excellent story with meaning, value and imagination.
Knowledge and wisdom and let’s not forget a special entertaining quality about it too!

Here are some guidelines to create a book that will resonate, sell and last.

  • A great book needs fascinating stories and intriguing facts. It will need a balance of lessons and stories that will teach/train or inform the reader.
  •  From the first paragraph, the reader must be inspired, motivated and captured.
  • It needs to be current but with a lasting message. It needs that classic page turning element. A book you want your reader to return to, pull off the shelf and quote often.

-Use your passion to make an impact to speak and write about it- Georgia Varjas


So many of us have excellent stories and experiences to share that could really make an impact on the world. Stories that have a message, a meaning and carry that leaf of longevity.
And the key to turning it all into a book is about combining the intriguing stories with fascinating facts.
This is the basis for writing a book for impact and longevity.

What is your story?

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