Why is it still today that saying you are an expert on a specific topic, excellent and experienced or accomplished at certain tasks, makes you a show off? Does it come from some puritanical doctrine that you mustn’t big yourself up? Perhaps, it stems from an unquestioned belief that you will be punished if you speak well about yourself? Some people say that to give yourself credit for your hard work, talents and achievements is not polite. Well, whatever you believe – it is well over due to release these false paradigms from your vocabulary and mind.

-Why Saying What You Are Good At Is Not Showing Off –


And here comes the double edged sword story. Have you noticed the extraordinary number of people – especially women who do not give themselves the credit for all the amazing things they do? They play it down, hand the credit to someone else – often a man. Some women believe they don’t even deserve the attention, recognition or kudos for their success. How many remember being told in one form or another that it just isn’t classy to push yourself? To stand out, brag about your success or blow your own trumpet? For example, it is now well documented that women have been sorely under represented in receiving the Nobel prize because of gender bias . It is important to remember Why Saying What You Are Good At Is Not Showing Off.


-Believe you can and you are half way there – Theodore Roosevelt


Let’s be clear, I am not advocating an arrogant or snobbish manner but just pure healthy confidence and pride at what you have accomplished! When we observe tennis champions, dancers, or great actors receive an award for their achievements, we congratulate them. If you win a prize, receive a testimonial or brilliant review for your book you would also receive congratulations. So why oh why, do we still frown, draw back from someone who says: ‘I am good at this!’


-Don’t let your mind bully your body – June Tomaso Wood


If you are in sales, you know that singing the praises of your product or service is the core of your work. If you go for an interview or audition (see last weeks blog) you know you have to put your best foot forward and demonstrate the best you can be. It seems obvious that when you meet someone for the first time you want to present to them your best features. Not in a false or I am totally perfect manner – but naturally. It is our instinct to want to give the best of ourselves.


So, if I stick up for myself, Big my self up, would you consider me a show-off?
And If I say I am good at something, perhaps a subject I have studied, researched, invested in, and become a professional – would you still say I was showing off – blowing my own trumpet?

In my coaching work, I emphasise the importance of developing your confidence, courage and creativity. Three essential ingredients that make you feel great about yourself. Three vital points to recognise your expertise in your field so you really understand Why Saying What You Are Good At Is Not Showing Off!

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