During the last couple months of ‘confined’ living, we have all been faced with some challenges in our Biz-Niz and beyond. The online communication world has been buzzing. We are now talking and making money through cables and screens. Working From Home = WFH is the thing now! How are you managing? Getting ‘zoomed out’? Feeling overwhelmed? Tired of doing business in your PJ’s? I know, I have said yes to all of them!
And have you noticed how many interviews, webinairs and chat shows there are?  And now, perhaps as a result of this abundance, I am also receiving calls saying: “I was awful right? I could have said, I should have mentioned, I looked terrible…etc etc”  That is what I call the self-sabotage sessions! Time to learn How To Be Professional – Not Perfect!

-Being a professional woman, I function best when I don’t distinguish between work and play – Christine Saralegui


Online advice abounds and it starts with – be yourself and ends up with comparisons and replicating ‘the girl next door’. Believe me it is not only other people that assume, presume and judge – we do it too and often to ourselves. So let’s jump out of the crinkly skin and try a different approach and learn How To Be Professional – Not Perfect!. I want to offer Three Steps to show a professional style, a competent attitude and expert look that will bring out the best in you.


-Stop shrinking to fit places you’ve outgrown – Furaha Joyce


A professional focuses on confidence rather than seeking to be impeccably perfect – And the secret lies in a combination of attitude and knowledge.

  • Be an authority on your topic, an expert in your field or on top of your game. It’s all the same. Know your stuff!
  • If your mistakes bother you, change your approach and attitude towards making mistakes. Don’t repeat them, learn and don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes. Behave like a mensch! Own them and own up to them.
  • Take actions on the new learning, the revised mistake, the next move. Take action – always.

The formula is: Learning – Action – Making Mistakes – More Learning – Some Action – Different Mistakes.


-Learning never exhausts the mind – Leonardo Da Vinci 


During these last months, I have received many questions about creating videos. Many wanting feedback and asking, ‘Do I look professional?’ ‘How does my voice sound?’ ‘Do you get what I am saying, is it clear?’ And the first thing I ask is: Do you want to be professional or perfect?’
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Have an inspiring and creative week!






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