Over the years, people have asked me why I question so many issues, statements and general beliefs.
I have even been criticised for being too nosey, curious and interfering!
In fact, seldom did I hear any congratulations for inquiring and questioning a set belief, assumption or so called fact.
For me, a Time To Question Everything began young!

In 2018, at Cern, an Italian physicist Alessandro Strumia  said that physics was “invented and built by men, it’s not by invitation”, and claimed that women receive fewer citations in the field because differences in brain structure make them less capable of high level research.
OK – finished cursing? Let’s face it, this is not an uncommon way of thinking, especially in male dominated professions.
But let’s get real – Time To Question Everything!


-Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisite for requiring learning of any kind – Mahatma Gandhi


We cannot deny the fact that prejudice and discrimination against women still exists and can prevent many from Stepping Up & Standing Out.
But with the 3 Big C’s of Confidence, Courage & Creativity and the right encouragement, guidance and opportunities you can find your way and Time To Question Everything.


-It is not the answer that enlightens but the question – Eugene Jonesco


There has been much written about women working in mixed environments; for example Mary Portas in her excellent book, Work Like a Woman.
She emphasises the difficulties that women have in order to be Heard – Understood & Believed.
When your words are ignored or belittled –  often or even regularly – the tendency is to back off and shut up. This discouragement is damaging.
Your part in it is to decide that NOW is Time To Question Everything.


Rather than reconfiguring the workplace to welcome women, societies across the globe have consistently focused on reconfiguring women to fit into a workplace that wasn’t built for them.
And still today, magazine articles and advertising still focus on what women should do, say, wear and buy, to be worthy of professional respect.
Even terms such as “women’s empowerment” and “lean in” place the emphasis on women needing to find, do or become something rather than the need to restructure a system that routinely hurts them.
Here is a fine example of Rule Breaking taken from a news article –


-People hire me for my questions not my advice – Alicia Marie


Are you good at asking questions?
Do you feel you have the right to speak up and express your opinions?
Do you put your hand up at meetings?

These are the things I love about asking questions and questioning everything –

– To have a better understanding to any commitment I make.
– To decide for myself if this is the right project, job offer or relationship to be part of.
– And to double check if we have connection, communication and respect going on.

For a little more encouragement – read on – https://georgiavarjas.com/blog/question-time/

Check in on my Work With Me page to find out how I can show you how to be more Confident – Courageous & Creative in your Business & Life.

Start asking Questions Today!




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