Asking questions is at the root of all learning and development. Yet many have inhibitions about asking. They think it shows weakness or lack of knowledge. Some even believe it is a sign of failure.

But really your curiosity shows you have an inquiring mind. It means you are interested to find out more and you have a thirst for knowledge. Curiosity doesn’t kill any cats, it opens doors. Asking questions will take you everywhere!

Our natural instinct to be inquisitive is not always encouraged. Stifling our imagination and dictating what to learn can have a negative effect on a young mind. Our natural instinct to use our imagination, starts at a very early age. We have to have a bit of personalty to push through the negative banter and keep our super gift of genuine and healthy inquisitiveness.

-It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education – Albert Einstein

With that negative backdrop, it becomes harder to ask for help, to ask for advice or guidance. A veil of shame and vulnerability shrouds us. It is suggested that you are probably lacking in something or you are just too stupid to discover the answer yourself. And, the version today is, with so much information on the internet, why can’t you go find the answer yourself?

In my world, asking questions is a strength. There is always someone who knows more than I do on a given topic. I am smart and knowledgeable on many things but not everything. By asking questions, asking for more information, I learn and expand my knowledge. I am sure that resonates with you?

Everyday, questions come up for me. In my writing, in my social media attention and research, and of course, with colleagues, friends and loved ones. And it starts simply, with these 5 words; why? where? when? what? and how? They are all relevant, all important with no hierarchical pecking order. The good news is that there are answers and solutions everywhere. It is up to us to ask and search. Plus, our ever-expanding digital world, offers us information at our finger tips

Confidence, like art never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions – Earl Gray Stevens

I always keep in mind that the answers and solutions that are offered are not set in stone, gold or even diamond. I have the choice to accept, modify or refuse the answers presented. The answers I receive are always, and just, the opinions or the points of view of the person/s writing or speaking them. Sometimes, the answers I hear are not suitable  but could stimulate my mind to switch over in another direction. See things from another point of view and therefore change perspective. Asking questions will take you everywhere!

This is one of the great benefits of having a curious mind and asking questions. Your search for the answers will certainly lead you down new avenues but also increase your motivation and arouse and activate your imagination.

I do believe that Asking questions will take you everywhere!
As Sam Walton says; Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it kills the competition.

Keep your curious mind open and ask me some questions!

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