Sell Your Book Before it is Written. Does that make sense to you? I mean how can you do that?
Is she telling me to sell the book before the manuscript is complete?

Yes, I am.

And do you know why?

Because no one but you knows the content, value and potential of your writings.
And because only you can express clearly the benefits of the content.

Identifying and deciding on your topic is clearly the first step to fulfil before talking to the world about your book, otherwise it is just that – talk.
Secondly, in order to sell your book before it is written you need to create a killer title. Call it your working title but create one that sums up sweetly and neatly the essence of the book.


On a practical level, here are some ideas to sell your book before it is written.

  1. Create videos and talk about a topic, a chapter from your book that is relevant to your audience.
  2. Write a blog entry about it.
  3. Let your email list, your social media groups know that you are writing a book. Accountability is a real writing incentive!
  4. Let people know about your hot topics in your newsletters.
  5. Reveal quotes, best phrases, sub headings in your discussions, videos and networking meetings.
  6. Do a collaborative video and mention you are writing about these topics.
  7. Write posts on social media that shares some of the topics
  8. Tell everyone about your killer title (even if you change it later!)
  9. Keep writing and selling your book until the final fat full stop.

Once you start taking action on marketing your book, you are already promoting it. Sharing your topics, your chapters will create interest and curiosity for your book.
And this in turn spreads excitement and anticipation. By the time your book is ready to hit the shelves, your readers will be queuing up for their signed copies or postal deliveries.

In all my programs and masterclasses, I encourage you to develop your marketing mindset, your ability to speak and write about your up coming book in a confident and promotional manner.
Are you feeling the buzz?
Are you ready to write your book?

Arrange a Book Plan call with me and get started planning your book


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