Let’s face it, in the past, self-publishing was frowned upon and not held highly by many readers or publishers.
Today however, this attitude has changed completely.
Of course, your manuscript must be professionally edited, printed and published. But with only five traditional publishers left, and none of them taking on new (non famous/celebrity) authors, it makes sense to broaden your view and search out alternative ways to publish.
Self publishing has become a very affordable, doable and beneficial way forward for authors.

There are independent companies who will provide you with a variety of services from book critique or readers report to printing and publishing the book for you…and many are excellent at their job…especially if they are encouraging you to keep the rights of your account. This is crucial – you keep the rights to your account.


– What sells a book sells a book. Same in self-publishing or traditional.You gotta shake your tail feathers – Joni Rodgers


Writing a book takes time, money and energy – like any serious business project. But your book will be the best marketing tool and bring on amazing opportunities (if you work at the marketing which I focus on in all my programs)
It is one of the most crucial areas outside of the writing. This means talking, writing and selling your book from chapter one!
And once you have made the decision to self-publish, you know then that everything is under your control. You will keep your rights to make decisions along the way from font to cover design, typesetting and book title.
And, you retain the rights, have access to high-quality printing and book distribution networks similar to traditionally published authors.
These are really important factors for small business owners and entrepreneurs. And most important, self-publishing is affordable.


-As a self-published author, you are your own business with a special product – A.J. Wells


If you are still unsure about what is entailed in writing and self publishing your book – join me on the last writing masterclass of the year on Thursday 24th November
Where I shall be revealing  structures, strategies and some industry secrets to show you how to create an excellent marketing tool for your business.
You can also have a look at the programs I offer and take note, Bespoke programs are available for those needing individual guidance at different stages of the writing and publishing process.

And here is a link from the well renown Ingram Sparks encouraging you to self-publish

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