If I received a gold nugget for every time I hear a budding author say, ‘my story isn’t unique or original’ –
I would still be writing – but on a Caribbean island!
Each one of us has something original. Everyone of you reading this has something unique, exclusive or particular.
It is just about discovering exactly what it is. And this is why I want to share with you –  Secrets To Being Original & Unique in Your Writing

And sometimes you need someone else to poke, prod and help you recognise it.
To give it the importance and value it deserves. To guide you to realise you do have something individual to write about.


-In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different – Coco Chanel


So let me first share with you – Secrets To Being Original & Unique in Your Writing

Develop self confidence and self belief, Feed the faith and starve the fears. Learn to benefit from your mistakes. Harvest the good, learn and move on.

Courage to act upon all your desires, needs and dreams to be successful with your writing. To go for it more! Say it like it is. Share your truth, your version of life.
To rediscover in you, stories that stimulate and inspire. (You have them!)

Creativity, to mix your nouns and verbs. To look at life outside the box (there is so much space out there!) To keep you warm when the going gets tough.


-The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique – Walt Disney


When it comes to writing your book, you need to be tenacious. Long form writing requires focus, alertness and consistency.

It is the kind of tenacity that means you are determined, resolute, even spunky – you know – courageous.
And for that you need support – (I know I do.) To get the support and professional understanding of writing a book with 40,000 words +
The kind of support that comes from someone who knows more than you professionally.
When it comes to writing your book or elevating your profile as an author. you know the kind of support you need.

I am here to give you professional back up, accountability and to show you how to achieve Recognition – Revenue and Success – by writing, completing and publishing your book.

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