This has been an amazing but roller coaster ride of a book journey and now, it is almost time for the official launch! What a fast ride with plenty of excitements, challenges and questions. It has required enough time, energy and diplomacy to reach this point – and at the time of writing, the book launch is just days away. As I wrote last week, about celebrating our achievements, I am taking time to do some celebrating but also some reflections on My Book Ride Roller Coaster.

-Writing is the painting of the voice – Voltaire


I had this seed of an idea to write about my adventures and escapades in the showbiz world about a year ago. It was going to be called; Me and Nine Men in a Van! A brilliant idea and title I thought! But a few months later that was all I had – a title. Because underneath it all was brewing the Real Talk – the real fire and grass roots rebellious stuff. And, I knew I wasn’t the only one experiencing these barriers, restrictions and obstacles. The Rules not only affect my life – It is a shared problem – global. It was high time to bring it out – exposé style. I was ready for my My Book Ride Roller Coaster.

-Even the smallest achievement paves the way to great success – Mary Kay Ash


It took me just over 3 months to write the book, I was on such a rebel roll. I wanted to write about how stepping up and standing up for yourself has more benefits than you can imagine. How many amazing and wonderful opportunities have evolved from changing, adapting and challenging rules.


-Write what should not be forgotten – Isabel Allende


Once the book was written, I had the exciting and scary task to hand it over to my editor. That is a strange moment, the wait, the expectations and the fear of what may not be good -enough! And when they return your MS with red marks on it – you dive in to see what has to be or could be changed. Most of the time you know what needs to be corrected and appreciate the advice.

-We rise by lifting others – Robert Ingesol


Team is key, it is something I write and talk about a lot. From delegating the things you do not excel at to asking and paying for help – will all contribute to making a success of your work. It is the point where you have to decide whether you are going to invest in yourself and your book writing project.

I have self published books and know that journey all too well. This time I wanted to hire a team to take the book to a higher shelf, to reach a wider audience and get more publicity. This is a service you have to pay for and I decided to pay for it.

I employed an amazing team at Literally PR  who have supported and open doors for me and are still doing so. It is a decision to make and to be ready for. How far do you want to take your words, your story? How high are your dreams? Can you handle the limelight? Do you want to do radio interviews or stand up and talk about your book? Are you ready to be questioned and ready to make decisions? Are you ready for your Book Ride Roller Coaster?

My answer to all those questions was a clear and loud Yes! Up to date I have done 5 radio interviews, four on the phone going out live and one in a studio. And more will come.
Right now, as I write the official launch is 3 days away. I am enjoying my time in London, preparing my mind with mental rehearsals and liaising with my team daily.

I do hope that you will continue to follow me, and support me with your engagements and comments. I look forward to hearing your opinions when you buy the book and even review it. My Book Ride Roller Coaster is just the beginning, the first few phases and I know there is so much more to come.



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