It has been an extraordinary year, a real roller coaster ride with my book journey. Planning, starting and completing my new book; The Rule Breakers Guide to Step Up & Stand Out.
The writing process – cooling in the fridge period – editing and proof reading and further editing – marketing and promotion – articles and interviews and more proof reading – and now coming into the grand finale – the book launch. An excellent moment to take a pause and pay attention to The Importance Of Recognising Achievements.

-All great achievements require time – Maya Angelou


I think we all know that feeling of accomplishment when we make a decision to do something and act upon it. It satisfies our purpose and meaning in life and builds on our confidence and in turn our courage. It shows how creative we are and can be and fulfils so much in our hearts and minds. I recognise how much I have learnt and gained during this book ride roller coaster.
Greater knowledge and experience, deeper understanding in areas of life I hadn’t yet explored. Perhaps the best for me was developing such excellent collaborations, stronger connections and growing my Dream Team.


– It takes one pen to write a book but a whole team to make it happen – Georgia Varjas


The truth is I haven’t had much time to sit back and reflect on my achievements. For example, I thought it was time to re-purpose an earlier blog post of mine and saw that I had actually published 152 newsletters! This made me stop and believe in The Importance Of Recognising Achievements.  In fact, if I calculate 152 articles at an average of 500 words that would add up to 76,000 word book! And the first thing I thought of was OMG, I really do love writing!


-There is no magic to achievement. It is about hard work, choices and persistence – Michelle Obama


Looking back over the last 3 to 6 months, I can see the work I have done and notice the improvements, the areas where I have excelled. I can also check out the places that need more attention. Reflecting on my progress and developments gives me an insight into what else I can do to enhance my services and offers. By reviewing my work I can ascertain what more value and benefits I can give to my readers and viewers. It is rather like a self-audit or reappraisal of the work behind the image!

And it is with great pride and pleasure I share with you my great achievements. All the latest re my 3rd book:
Out on Amazon to pre-order – on the press and trade circuit and soon to be celebrated in London at the Launch Event.   

To all you writers, speakers and entrepreneurs, there are only benefits in checking out The Importance Of Recognising Achievements. There is no such thing as mistakes only feedback.
This is also a big shout out to all the workers behind the scenes; editors, accountability partners, V.A.’s video & film crew, publishers & PR team and a hundred other efforts and energy that goes into making one book, one script, TEDx talk, event, show, play or production come alive.

So take the time regularly to look back in pleasure and review your great accomplishments. It is a powerful tool to progress.
Have a wonderful week and if you are in London pop on down to the Book Launch RSVP on the link above.



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