I remember telling one of my clients, Make Your Charisma Your Secret Selling Point. She replied, But I don’t have that!
Of course you do, we all do, you just haven’t let yours out of the bag. I said.
And I have to repeat – we all have a personality, some special characteristic or call it flair or style. We all have some of that juice.
It is about having the confidence, courage and some creative spirit to show it off.


-Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects – Marianne Williamson


Many of us grew up with the notion that if you talked about yourself in a confident manner, or walked with pizzazz you were showing off!
If you dressed well, displayed aptitude with elegance or intelligence and allure – you were definitely showing off!
I mean how crazy is that? Surely, you want to look good and feel good? Isn’t it natural that you put your best foot (face, attitude) forward?


-If you look like a million dollars you will get a million dollars – My mothers advice to me!


Charisma can be interpreted in many different ways but it is about letting your unique personality shine through. Having the confidence to smile.
The courage to ask for what you want with style, expressing and sharing your special magnetism.
I know, sometimes it can be hard to just be yourself. Even more so nowadays with everyone zooming and telling you how to do it. Advice is full on. Tips and tricks are two a penny.
As some unknown woman said, Personality begins where comparison ends.
But really, it is about learning to Make Your Charisma Your Secret Selling Point.


-The reason we’re successful darling? My overall charisma of course – Freddie Mercury


Many friends, colleagues and clients ask me about how to tap into being more ‘charismatic’. I usually offer a list of phrases.
Tone of voice – irresistible smile – paying attention – choice of words – listening skills – reliable – responsible – warm – friendly – professional – personable – engaging.
Then, I remind them that people buy your personality as much as your service or product.
Enhance your confidence, develop your courage and let your creative energy do some talking!

My motto is: Your voice and your pen are your two most powerful tools of construction.

Don’t hesitate to use them, express yourself. Seek guidance and encouragement from those around you and invest in yourself.
We all have some charisma in us. And, whether it is needed in your personal or business life, believe you have it, and let it be your secret point of connection, engagement and sales.

I offer coaching and mentoring to encourage you to bring out the best in you to be confident, courageous and creative when you need to be.
Sometimes, it is through writing and speaking, usually both.
Often, it is about shifting your mindset so you recognise and believe that you have what it takes to Go Get It!
Check out my offers and see if this is what you need now – the boost of energy to use your charisma to make the life you want.

Let go of your inhibitions and make the life you want!



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