Nowadays, almost all of us have to speak up and speak out about our work. This includes writers and speakers on all sides of the video, stage or page scenario.
We know a public face, a public profile is needed, is wanted and sometimes demanded.
Being visible and selling your services and products in your unique and authentic way is crucial for your success.
Of course there are times when we get nervous, shy, anxious, perhaps terrified too!
Then, you know you have to Learn To Be Confident About Your Talents.


-Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear – Anon


I do believe we are all born with some creative abilities, some natural talent or skill – and then life happens!
So how can you learn to be confident about your talents? How can you learn to clear your desks and decks of all the obstacles?
How can you let the world know about those creative gifts?
– That book that is bursting inside you?
– The life changing story itching to come out on a TEDx stage or TV documentary.
– Your regular appearances on social media?

– Perhaps that ingenious business idea or invention you have brewing?
Isn’t it time to express those talents of yours?
Show the world what value you have to offer?


-Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment –  Thomas Carlyle


I think it is super vital and important to recognise and admit to yourself and the world your abilities.
Start to recollect, write down your accomplishments from today, from the whole week, month and then year.
You will be fervently impressed with your achievements.
As I wrote last week about exercising a healthy attitude towards accepting how good you are.
Understanding and respecting your skills is key to your progress.

Here are 7 skills to exercise.

– Learning from our mistakes
– Making smart decisions
– Getting big on self-belief
– Living outside our comfort zone
– Recognising our financial value
– Investing in ourselves
– Benefits of self-care


-Action is the foundational key to success – Pablo Picasso


There has been a lot of articles and books written about gaining and regaining confidence, so we are aware it is important to have and show in today’s crowded world.
When you see someone exuding confidence it attracts your attention, perks up your ears and causes interest. The aura of confidence is something you can learn.
You may need guidance and support, you may even want coaching – but know that you can achieve a confident presence, a state of mind and heart to continue and carry out the message, the book or that inspiring speech.

-Confidence is contagious – so spread it –

If You need a boost of encouragement, a slice of attitude to bring out more confidence – then connect with me.
I am all about getting you to kick the obstacles away and replace with confidence, courage and more creativity to keep going with the valuable work you want to do.
Take a look at the Work with me page for the options and have an amazing week! 


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