Is it important to you that you are likeable? Do you like to be appreciated and thanked for your attention, commitment, dedication and work?
Does it give you a feeling of accomplishment to know people like and appreciate your work?
Isn’t it a good thing to receive recognition and further opportunities?
That’s why I think it is so important to give yourself some credit and praise. Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Are Good.

Unfortunately, some people still say it is ‘bad etiquette’ to sing your own praises. Are you supposed to wait for some one else to praise you?
Being told to be guilty about your very own healthy ego seems like self-sabotage to me!
The word ego has had some bad press. I thought ego meant you felt confident with your talents, proud of your skills and courageous enough to talk about it or sell it in a professional manner.
It seems many people associate ego in a negative way. And others cannot get over it.
Well, I say: Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Are Good.

-Sometimes showing up some ego is actually healthy for your self-respect – Satyajeet  Mohanty


As Simone Biles, the 22 year old USA champion gymnast with 25 gold medals says:

“In life you have to make sacrifices, if you are 100% in it. I’m not an overnight success.”
Here is a gravity-defying gymnast who has been criticised for talking about her wins and medals. She has been called ‘cocky’ for acknowledging her many successes.
Imagine that? A global olympic medalist told not to big herself up!!!!
And interestingly, when I was searching for a gif of a woman blowing her own trumpet. The images that came through were all men or cartoon characters!
Finally, I found one and she was dressed in lingerie, with loads of makeup and big hair. I noticed the trumpet was not on her mouth. She wasn’t blowing air just kisses!

It is extraordinary that still today we are judged to be likeable or not likeable. And even more subversive is the criteria that defines who is likeable or not. This is particularly harsh on women.
As a woman if you are aggressive, or assertive you are judged as not likeable. But  if you are kind or softer in your approach you are judged as not likeable because you are not – aggressive enough!


-The ultimate of the ego is not to see something, but to be something – Muhammad Iqbal


So, start blowing your trumpet and Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Are Good. If people judge you on that you know they have something else on their agenda.
Sometimes we need a little encouragement to boost our ego, self worth and self esteem  as I wrote last week.
And this is what I am offering with my Bite Size Coaching Sessions on my Work With Me Page.
When you Step Up & Stand Out  and let’s face it – this is what we all want in life -then some trumpet blowing is entirely healthy and welcome.



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