Do you remember when you first started writing? Those early diaries, journals, plays and tales? Maybe you started with a poem or a lyric for a song? Whichever form it was I am sure it felt pretty magical.
Most of us have the gift of writing and speaking. And what a privilege it is too. To be able to express emotions, acts and thoughts and put them into the oral or written format.
And writing like speaking is about practise. Some reach a level of excellence earlier than others but with guidance, time and experience we can learn How To Write Your Book & Get It Out There.


-The most powerful weapons of construction we have are our voice and our pen – Georgia Varjas


For me, it was writing short dialogues and prose like poems. I loved the drama that came with writing snappy conversations and the effect words had on relationships.
I was fascinated by the fact that the alphabet (mostly) contains 26 characters. Letters that you could throw up into the air and as they fell you could catch them and arrange in any order you liked. Magic indeed!
Writing was my way to express my thoughts, opinions and fabulous imagination without being interrupted! I wrote plays, poems, short stories and non-fiction as pamphlets and books. And many of them I performed on stage.


-Writing is the only thing, that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else – Gloria Steinem


My fourth book was published in March this year, 2 days after “lockdown”. Still it hasn’t deterred me from writing and promoting the written word. And now more than ever stories are being published.
There is a growing appetite to document our experiences of life, impressions and points of view. The desire to put our stories into words and indeed the impetus to write it all down has mushroomed exponentially these last few months.
This inspired me to offer my life experience of writing to help you learn How To Write Your Book & Get It Out There. Whether you are at the beginning of your roller coast book ride journey, or stuck in the middle or perhaps reaching the end and not clear about the next step – I am here to guide, share and show you how to finish that book and get it out there!


-A book is dream you hold in your hand – Neil Gaiman


Writing is a mind blowing mindset experience that will develop your confidence, courage and creativity in the process.
Your book becomes your legacy, your calling card even your business card. It enhances your reputation and expertise. It is your word forever in print!
For this reason, I offer my Book Coach sessions to everyone. Whether it takes a super Power Hour or half a dozen more to keep you on track it will be the best investment, the most beneficial way you can spend your time and money this year. And for sure you will learn How To Write Your Book & Get It Out There.


For the ladies who are ready to Step Up & Stand Out, come and join me for this fabulous FREE Webinar & Book Launch.
I shall be sharing with you all some tips and tricks about the writing of my books and open to all questions around the writing process. It is going to be Inspirational, enlightening and entertaining.
If you haven’t already registered check the link.
Remember, your stories are your version of life and no one can take that away from you!
Keep writing!









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