What attracts you to buy a book? Cover design, price, the author or a screamingly compelling title?
It probably is a mixture but you have to admit the title is the big hook line.
How can you develop a flair for writing a juicy headline that attracts, beguiles and entices all in  5 to 8 words? (Or under 10)
Of course you can write a book with a screamingly compelling title, and as a writing coach I love brainstorming on this topic.

-Writing well is the best revenge – Dorothy Parker

With so much traffic on and off line, creating that irresistible header has become a stumbling blog for many writers, bloggers and authors.
We all want to write an original title that captures our audience and followers, so they read on, click now and buy today.
As a book writing coach, I know how important it is to have a working title from the beginning.
Often it changes a few times but it gives the feeling of being an author with a book title. It does make you feel grand!
It is one of the fun areas of writing a book, brainstorming the possible titles and how many extra ideas surface in the process.

-Titles are like compasses, they give direction. They push you and direct you – Georgia Varjas


Here are a selection of 11 moves to agitate your mind and fish out all the best Head-lines.


  1. Know your readers and audience and write for them
  2. Avoid ambiguity
  3. Keep it succinct
  4. Choose a strong font
  5. Think outside of the box
  6. Questions to create curiosity
  7. Easy to remember
  8. Strong vivid and exciting language
  9. Mix up verbs, nouns and adjectives
  10. Play some word association games
  11. Flip through a thesaurus

Here are some ideas from other authors

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