All of us have stories, anecdotes and bright tales to tell that we know will engage and attract clients.
We understand the stories that resonate with our readers and audience, entices them to  pay attention and take note.
Stories have been told for eons as a way to connect and make change. They help us to create our identity, to recognise who we are and even, what we want to do next in our lives.
Stories are a powerful way to align with others. And, have the ability to create change and inspire people.

But How To Write a Personal Story for Your Business?
How can you turn your life stories into a speech, a blog, a chapter or 2 in your book and part of a series of videos?
Crafting your life stories into a part of your work is an art.


– Stories are medicine. They have such power; they do not require that we do, be, act anything – we need only listen – Clarissa Pinkola Estés


How do we find the main ingredients of our story? And, how can we write the words to make an impact?
Here are some ideas.

  • Select what is essential and recognise what is important and relevant to your business today
  •  Balance emotion with fact.
  • Share the resolution, the blessing – remember to harvest the good.
  •  Humour can play a part in communicating your experience, and shows your wisdom too!

-To involve people at the deepest level, you need stories – Harvard Business Review


According to  Carmine Gallo – in his article in Forbes – the three essential components of a compelling personal narrative are: inciting incident, personal transformation, life lesson.

I often suggest to my budding authors to study the great comedians, past and present. Their artistry and skill to weave stories in and out of their show is worth researching.
Pick and choose them carefully, it is not just about making people laugh!

In my work as a book writing coach, I encourage the writer to find fascinating facts and intriguing stories. We want to know how you survived, overcame and learnt.
And the best way to communicate that is through writing your personal adventures and experiences.

This is a such an exciting part of working with a budding author, exploring and discovering how they reached today!

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