Many people are put off writing a book because they have lost or never found the confidence to write.
They don’t recognise their own skills and abilities to use the written word to spread their message, mission or business acumen.
They rely on other people and nowadays, robots to write for them.
They have fallen for the idea that someone else can do it for them.

They quit before they start. And then wouldn’t life have it…you go look for a book to read and see someone else has written on your very topic Grrrr!

I want to offer some practical ways for you to overcome your hesitancy to write whether it is blogs, posts, scripts or books.

How to Use the Written Word to Make an Impact in Your Business


-If there’s a book you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it -Toni Morrison


Find your writing voice. One way to accomplish this is to write how you speak. Use your engaging colloquial style to start writing.
You can always improve, add and subtract words that fly off the page as they do when you speak.
Record yourself reading your speech/blog or ideas. Listen back and see what works.
Listening to your own words you will hear clearly the language you are using and whether it fits with your style and your audience.


Start to express your ideas in a newsletter on LinkedIn. A blog on your website. An article for an online magazine.
Let the world know your word matters and you have ideas, opinions, points of views and experiences to reveal.
Turn your business topic into a membership group, a place where you write your words and ideas regularly.
Make your social media posts relevant to your business – write your talk.


Be visible! Come alive on video. Start by doing videos on zoom, keep recording and pick and choose the best after you have saved and uploaded to your computer (easy peasey really!)
Or record on your phone and upload through messenger or other simple system. Tell the world your message. Keep it short, succinct and sweet.
Don’t fuss over your appearance but be professional. Cut all longwinded introductions, apologies and weather conditions.
Remember practise leads to confidence.


-Clarity comes from taking action not thinking about it – Marie Foleo


Let me tell you that we all need team, support and writing partners around us. If you prefer 1-2-1 – I have got that for you.
if you like a group setting, I have small writing groups to offer.
If you have questions to ask about writing and publishing and promoting your work I have monthly masterclasses for you.
If you have written a book and want more visibility…then DM me now
If you want to start now, arrange a call, answer the thought provoking questions about your book and Let’s Go!
Next writing masterclass on Tuesday 7th November will be a Q&A: Gain the confidence to structure, publish and promote your book. All the details are here

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