There are a host of experts out there that talk about what to do to become a spectacular speaker, a compelling presenter or a terrific TED Talker.You can access the Five Ways, the Three Steps and all the Tips and Tricks of How To Speak Up Without Fear from thousands of online searches. The thing is they don’t offer much assistance if you feel fear.  What if you are frozen to your seat or indoctrinated into believing that silence is becoming?
Maybe you believe that it is just not your job to speak up? Perhaps you are scared to speak because there could be repercussions. But let me encourage you and tell you that you can learn How To Speak Up Without Fear Today!.


-Fear is only temporary. Regret lasts for ever – Anon


Over the years, on the numerous stages that I have spoken on, I know what it is like to feel anxious and nervous. But I came to the conclusion that it is actually a healthy state to be in. It is energy, it shows you care, it means you are alive. And, all the famous stars, actors, presenters have gone through this too. It is normal. I used to get nervous and edgy before a show. I would stand in the wings feeling fear from my feet to my forehead. But I learned how to handle that energy. Not delete it but use it to bring out the best in me. I taught myself How To Speak Up Without Fear Today!.



-Don’t give in to your fears. if you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart – Paulo Coehlo


Here are 3 essential and simple steps to push Fear out the window.

1. Breathe, find a rhythm to slow you down, breathe and then pause (do the 5 in, hold for 2, and 5 out method.)

2. Shake your body. Yes…shake your body. Dance, shake and shimmer and watch the nerves Fall to the ground. let your blood circulate.

3. Tell yourself a whole pile of F words, I am Fabulous. I am Fantastic. I am Fresh.

The breathing exercise is actually the hardest for many people because we are so used to shallow breathing and not being aware of our breath.
Shaking your body is easy…come on, we all do it, with or without music or alcohol.
Self-talk is key to self-belief so try practising in front of the mirror. Look at yourself, smile and tell yourself you are Fantastic!
It sounds ridiculous but you will get good at it very soon and it will help you learn How To Speak Up Without Fear Today!

Keep in mind that your audience, your viewers and listeners want you to do good! They have switched on and tuned into you because they like, believe, know you. Because they are curious and want to know more.


-Do one thing every day that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt


I shall be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 15th September discussing exactly this topic, How To Speak Up Without Fear. It is the 4th webinar in the Step Up & Stand Out series for the ladies.
Let me assure you we will be shaking off those fears and doubts – there will a be a session to talk and share your questions and ‘ask me anything’ .
This webinar is not about selling you anything – that is something you decide.
This is to get you to lose the fear and feed the self belief so you can Step Up & Stand Out!
To register for free click on this link for your front row seat!

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