I was reading an article in a Spanish magazine about the great film Director Isabel Coixet. She talked about the difficulty of making decisions, especially those really important ones where your life and your career depend upon you deciding promptly and efficiently. It was reassuring to read her words. To discover that with experience you can learn to develop this essential life skill. The problem starts early because decision making is not part of our education. Neither do we get much encouragement to make decisions for ourselves as children. However, through developing confidence, comes courage and the more courage you have – the more creative you become and then watch how your confidence grows. It is truly a wonderful cycle of personal growth.

-Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do – Steve Jobs


I have just been writing about it in my new book Rule It! ( available soon on Amazon) I call them the power of the 3 Big C’s – Confidence, Courage and Creativity.
Key ingredients to learn How To Drop The Fear & Make Important Decisions. We often hesitate because we don’t feel confident or courageous or smart enough.
The 3 Big C’s are so closely connected whichever way you measure them.

Shalane Grace Flanagan is an American long-distance runner and she says: Don’t let fear decide your future.
Simple and powerful right? There are so many different kinds of fear we can construct for ourselves – from feeling inadequate to fear of failing and being laughed at or not believed.
All of these and many more stop us from deciding, prevent us from putting our hand up and leaning in to express our opinion or take on a topic. Therefore we don’t contribute because we can’t decide!
If you feel that you hesitate when it comes to decision making, or hide, play small or just avoid making decisions – it is time for you to strengthen those decision-making muscles and get Decision Fit again!


-Courage and confidence is what decision making is all about – Mike Krzyzewski


Of course, it is easy to say but it is not impossible to do!
Focus, determination and action taking will most certainly help you develop those ‘decision muscles’.
Learning How To Drop The Fear & Make Important Decisions is something everyone can learn.

Like any activity, sport or dance – practise and rehearsal are the steps to indulge in – consistently.
Whether you like to plot and plan, create a schedule or hire a coach – find your way to set your sights on learning to develop those powerful, long reaching decision making skills.

Every day we make thousands of decisions, we don’t often credit ourselves for those small decisions we make.
When we start to recognise our ability to decide we become more confident with the bigger decisions.

And finding out what are those fears and then discarding and dismissing them will show you How To Drop The Fear & Make Important Decisions.

Also recognise that you will make a few mistakes. Here is a previous Blog Post to encourage you to handle the mistakes better!

If you are still hesitating to make decisions and know you need a little help, encouragement or guidance –
Jump on my Work With Me page to find out how I can show you – To Drop The Fear & Make Important Decisions.

Have a wonderful decisive week!

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