We can all agree that life is one big learning curve. From the minute we start to gurgle, or crawl, we make mistakes and then, we move on. We keep on learning and developing new skills. Most of us also know that life is one big roller coaster, full of ups and downs, swerves and bends. Yet, as we grow up, too many of us become fixated on the errors, the blunders and failures. Our parents, school and society in general does not help, the focus is on success, being first and achievement. Yes, in sports and in science, also mathematics accuracy is essential. But let’s not get distracted or confused – what I am referring to here is a mindset issue. Don’t Be Perfect, Make Some Mistakes!

Always make new mistakes – Esther Dyson

Somehow the word mistake has a heavy feel to it, doesn’t it? Even though in our logical mind we understand it as part of life. After all, we all make a few of them everyday.
Why then do we still feel shame, doubtful and insecure when we make mistakes?
What is it about words like error, mistake and loser that makes us feel so bad?
Why does society fixate so much on an individuals failures?

-Mistakes are the portals of discovery – James Joyce

The thing is that we all remember the first time we rode a bicycle, learnt to drive or make pancakes. It wasn’t easy was it? Perhaps, you fell off the bike, or like me fell into a bush. Remember the first time you attempted to flip a pancake? Did it land on the ceiling or the floor? Yes, we all made those silly, fun errors.

Why am I talking about this? How is this relevant to writing, speaking and running an online business?
Because it is only by making mistakes that we learn. Yet, it is so hard for us to absorb and digest this basic idea.

Did you know that perfection is fast going out of fashion? It is hard to believe because so many of us, especially the ladies out there seem to think that Perfect Rules OK. It doesn’t. You really only learn in life by making a few good mistakes. Don’t Be Perfect Make Some Mistakes!

Here are 3 essential actions to handle those sticky situations we call mistakes!

1. Admit it and acknowledge it and forgive yourself and you will immediately feel better.
2. Take responsibility, it is never as bad as you think – because –
3. You can now search for a solution, another way, another idea.
Michael Jordan said: I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

Just think about all the boo-boos you made and what happened when you had another go at them? When you really looked for another way to write that article, put the final touches on your glittering speech or script for video? Wasn’t it exciting? Didn’t you get a thrill from trying again? I bet you found better way to express yourself.
It is also about believing in yourself and recognising your original style. Check this out for some reassurance.

Perfectionism is a confidence killer but practice makes you proud – Georgia Varjas
If you want to take action on this and move on – click on that chat button below and let’s look at what’s holding you up and swipe those beasts off the table!
Don’t Be Perfect Make Some Mistakes!

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