How would you like to become a millionaire? I am sure you have imagined winning a large prize full of zeros and sat back dreaming of what you would do and buy. But I am talking about earning money from offering a valuable service. A way to make money from your talents and abilities. Exactly How To Become A Millionaire I cannot say for you personally but I can help you question the obstacles that you may have. Many people still believe that money is the root of all evil. I believe poverty is the shame and cause of much war and crime. Or as George Bernard Shaw says: “Lack of money is the root of all evil”

There are numerous financially secure people who share their money in what is referred to as a philanthropist way. Check this extraordinary list of (male) philanthropists. People who have shared their millions for some excellent causes. Many of them donating a third of their wealth. Of course we all have seen and read about the evil men who use their money for personal gain and human suffering. For some that image is stronger than the wonderful people who share their wealth.

-Money has no emotion and no intent – Bob Proctor


Bob Proctor goes on to say that money is only a medium of exchange. Any moral or evil aspect of money exists solely in the heart of the individual. So by focusing on the positive aspects of money we allow ourselves to move forward and recognise the benefits of being financially independent. And that is the essence of having money – that it gives you independence. It offers choices and opportunities and it removes those obstacles we label as excuses and reasons why we don’t do things. At the heart of it is learning how to invest in yourself.  Believing in your creative talents and having the confidence and courage to act upon them. This is How To Become A Millionaire!


-Money is only a tool. It will take you where ever you wish but it will not replace you as the driver – Ayn Rand


Financial independence means you can :
* Improve your skills and educate yourself.
* Invest in yourself
* Be more generous and honest with others.
* Have more freedom to dedicate to family, friends and your interests.
* Care more for yourself and loved ones.

As I wrote in a previous blog post – Listen, Learn & Earn – recognising the way you make your money is a way of living rather than a short cut to success. It means investing in yourself. Taking care of Numero Uno is not a selfish act but a necessity to live a nourishing and flourishing life. Investing in your development, your education so you can improve your skills and talents. I attend, listen and take note regularly to other people from all areas of the professional world. Whether it be a sports person, dancer, author, comedian – a play – poem or book – a TED Talk or documentary – Creativity is infectious!


-There is no shortage of money out there – start hustling – Grant Cardone


Recognising your creative abilities takes confidence and courage – they are all linked. This is something I work on in my teaching  sessions. Showing you how to practise your skills to build confidence by saying Yes to offers and opportunities that benefit you! Taking small courageous steps every day. Practise makes you proud!
And coming early next month is The Authentic Performance Workshop. A mastermind style workshop for female writers, speakers and Biz Niz owners. To collaborate and learn to Step Up & Stand Out on Video, Stage & Page.
No excuses now because all the information, education and learning is out there waiting for you to access – so you will know How To Become A Millionaire!




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