Listen – Learn & Earn. Just 3 simple moves to rise up and improve your life, business and relationships.
For some it will seem too simple, too obvious and that will make it easy to ignore. Funny how controversial it is to state the obvious! Too often we like things to have complex names – it somehow gives it weight and authority. I prefer things to be uncomplicated and transparent. A challenge here and there is a great stimulant. A chase outside of your comfort zone is a great excitement. Deadlines will come – and go. But to create a steady progress, I like to Listen – Learn & Earn.


-Live simply so that others may simply live – Georgia Varjas


Listen- Learn & Earn is about the long ride or call it the bigger picture. It is a way of living rather than a short cut to success. I see it as an attitude to Biz-Niz and life. A perspective on life that takes in the long term. Not so much a plan as a way of life.

-Never overlook the power of simplicity – Robin Sharma


We forget we have two ears and one mouth. In fact, many of us chuckle at that image because it is so obvious. Jumping to respond or edging in a reply before the other person has finished their sentence.
I know – I still do it! Taking a step back and just listening is more than just being polite – it is hugely beneficial to both parties. Listening without responding:

  • Helps you to avoid misunderstandings. A great cause of break downs and wars.
  • It allows you to make it clear in your own mind the words you heard.
  • Gives you an opportunity to ask and clarify.


-Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful – John Maeda


Everyday I learn something new, whether planned and deliberate or just stumbled upon.

  • Learning keeps you young and healthy.
  • Learning opens doors and opportunities.
  • No one can take it away from you.


Now I can’t offer you a miracle medicine or a potion to bring success and neither do I give a Five Step action plan to earning Six figures and more. All I can tell you as backed up by many  wisdom-filled women and wise men – that when you really start to Listen and Learn – the Earnings will come.

-If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, then you will work until you die – Warren Buffett

Here is a man worth studying for his ‘value for money’ attitude throughout his life.  Mr. Warren Buffett, wealthy, healthy and a true philanthropist
A man who understood the benedictions of Listen – Learn & Earn.

One of the most important steps you can take in your life is to learn how to Step Up & Stand Up for yourself. This is something I write about in my book – The Rule Breakers Guide.
We all go through obstacles and challenges in our life – it is normal – but how we overcome them and rise up is key to our success. My book examines many of the hindrances and stumbling blocks and looks at ways to change them.

For those of you hesitating to Step Up & Stand Out – have a peep at my upcoming Authentic Performance Workshop. It might be just what you need!




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