How do you introduce yourself on stage? The first words that fall out of your mouth are more important than you think. Do you state your name, age and shoe size? Do you tell them a list of your achievements? Perhaps, you just tell them how happy you are to be here?  How you open your speech can send an audience into raptures or make them pull out their mobile phones. So, how do you introduce yourself on stage?

Many speakers today have a facilitator or presenter who will design a snazzy introduction for you and then hand it on a plate to your audience.  How fabulous! Just make sure you have seen it or have supplied the relevant information. Nothing worse than to be introduced as an expert on veterinary medicine when you are a hairdresser.

One thing is clear, after a divine introduction, there will be no room for any preamble on your part. And talking of preambles, well, you must know by now that they are so last century! Start the speech! No further intros or explanations needed. Keep the praise and thanks to a minimum, the clock is ticking and the audience is waiting.

Some of your fans and followers will be curious about you, especially if you are new to the stage. Let your story do the talking. Let who you are come out in your personality, in your passion and emotion as you deliver your speech. Your natural charm and charisma can be revealed through your body language, eye contact, your smiles and laughter. All those attractive qualities you have as a Public Speaker. Your story and how you tell it is the best introduction you can give your listeners, because it is all about you and who you are.

You could also start with a quote, other peoples lines are funny, and if they don’t work no one can blame you.
After such an introduction, I can hardly wait to hear what I’m going to say.   – Evelyn Anderson –

Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food.  – William Hazlitt 

 How do you introduce yourself on stage? Keep it sweet and keep it short then get straight into your speech.
Don’t forget that while your audience is appreciating you by applauding, do the right thing, watch them and smile, bathe in the glory, it never lasts long.
At Step Up & Stand Out, we recognise that a good intro is all in the writing and the rehearsal. The tools are simple; a pencil and a mirror. Okay, a computer and a smart phone to video!
How do you introduce yourself? What are your opening lines? Write your comments below and Let’s Share!

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