YES is one of the most promising and powerful three lettered words we have in our language.
You have to admit, you love to hear that word when you ask for something. You cannot deny that saying YES gives a certain satisfaction. You can imagine hearing that word before you go for a job interview. You can envision the audience applauding and saying ‘Yes, She/he is great!’ when you step up on a stage.
It is a word that carries massive energy. It is a word that can spread positive energy. And, let’s face it…it is infectious.

Go on, try it out in front of the mirror. Say YES to yourself with different expressions and mannerisms. After a while, you will start to enhance it by adding on other affirmative words. A top favourite is; Yes, I can!

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.”  – Tina Fey –

Asking questions that lead to a high percentage of YES answers usually begin with, What, Who, Where, When, Why and How?
Then, you listen, and then you listen some more. No interruptions, allow the person or persons to respond until they have finished.
Be nice, smile, be you, be genuine, then ask again. Keep away from should and could. Many of us associate those conditional words with authority and then shiver NO when we hear them.
On stage, the audience have an appetite to say YES to you. They yearn to be entertained and enlightened, they want to walk away feeling YES that was excellent.
The door is open so get on up with confidence, believe in yourself, let your personality shine and they will feel YES.

Did you know there are over 50 slang versions of the word YES?,+agreements+(statements+of).html
Which makes it a very versatile word to use and, if we add some head nodding, the emphasis becomes super positive.

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.” — Richard Branson.

At Step Up & Stand Out we cultivate the aroma of the word YES, and encourage its energy in your writing and presentations. If you need encouragement then contact us and Lets Talk!


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