As many of you know, my new book is titled The Rule Breakers Guide and one of its themes – is about challenging and changing rules that no longer serve you.
These could be any of the multitude of codes and regulations whether social, cultural or even religious that offer you no benefit, happiness or future.
Rules are there to protect us and preserve us but when we discover or recognise that they are holding us back – then we have to make a decision to adapt and remove them.
It is not about anarchy or doing it for the sake of doing it – it is about Breaking Rules & Questioning Everything.


-Successful people are the ones who break the rules – Seth Godin


Many of us today are breaking out of the confines of working 50/60 hours a week- or towing the corporate line.
Women – in particular mothers – are stepping up and starting their own businesses.
And a large number of the online coaches, entrepreneurs and solo business ventures want to Step Up & Stand Out
But when they do – are often faced with restrictive, prohibitive and confining regulations.
What about the rules that stop you doing what you want to do?
Like the social and cultural codes that say you mustn’t or really shouldn’t step out of line?
Or those that subtly cramp your style?
If you are nodding or even shouting about it –
Then you will know it is time to get into Breaking Rules & Questioning Everything.
Because the rules that don’t serve need to be removed and replaced!

-Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them as an artist – Pablo Picasso


I encourage you to speak up for yourself – to stand up for yourself. And if that means questioning  – start questioning. It is your right.
Take that confidence and courage in your hands and go for it – more.
Many of us are at a point in our lives where we want positive changes – we want to make a difference in our personal lives – to create equity with gender rights and more collaborative opportunities.
We want a balance of power that doesn’t pander to the privileged.
A world where ideas and opinions are welcomed and teamwork is recognised and credited.
And importantly – leaders are not treated and rewarded as semi or demi -gods.

-That is why it is so important to start Breaking Rules & Questioning Everything –


My new book speaks a lot about the many rules that hold us back and prevent us from performing in life to our best ability. It also examines and exposes these constraints and how they cause inhibitions, limitations and excess baggage.
Making decisions is crucial but taking action on them is often the most challenging. But when you do – there is a natural burst of energy filled with confidence and satisfaction – it is really infectious.
If you are ready to make changes in your life both personal and business – I know you will find many constructive and valuable lessons and suggestions from the book.
It is about you Breaking Rules & Questioning Everything to bring about a Nourishing & Flourishing life that benefits you and those you care for.


-I have only two rules which I regard as principals of conduct. The first is: have no rules – Anon








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