A speaker that will get your audience to Step Up and Stand Out!

With over 25 years experience in the show-biz world as a musician, performance poet, playwright and author, Georgia brings far more than confidence and vitality to the stage. Her thoughtprovoking keynote speeches are rich in wisdom, sass and creativity which encourage others to push through boundaries and smash glass ceilings. Each one of us encounters obstacles and challenges, but these experiences offer a choice. We can rise up, or give up. We can step up, stand out and have the ride of our life! It’s time to capture that spark deep within; the fire and energy that enables us to move forward and be heard and understood, so we can achieve and accomplish whatever we desire. It’s time to perform without a mask; to become free from self-imposed boundaries and express our genuine, raw, authentic self. Nothing more, nothing less.


Topics that I speak on are:

Your personality is your business card

How to bring an authentic performance to video, stage or page by harnessing the power of your
unique written, spoken and body language and letting your personality shine through as the
ultimate business card.
Learn how to overcome self-doubt, hesitation and feelings of imperfection so you can smash your own self-imposed boundaries and share more of the real you on your quest to inspire, teach or motivate others.

Developing a professional mindset (and all that jazz!)

Sometimes expertise, experience and excellence still aren’t enough to bridge the gap between the
amateur and professional mindset.
Understand how to use rejection as a tool to refocus your energy, take action and find the next available opportunity.
Now is the time to ditch ‘Panto Syndrome’ and develop the mindset you need to channel confidence,
courage and creativity and become a highly sought-after (and well paid) speaker, writer or entrepreneur.

How curiosity separates the rebels from the rest

It’s time to step up and stand out – and to do that effectively you need to understand your strengths
and weaknesses and explore your unique abilities to ask thought-provoking questions.
This is a new approach to decision making and delegation that ensures you take action in a way that builds
courage and confidence.
If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to become a sizzling rule breaker, then this is it!



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