For me, the opposite of perfect is professional! It is a twist on the idea that you have to be perfect in your work and presentations. Yet we know being perfect is a real soul killer.
Being perfect is not only going out of fashion but is being replaced with ‘Be yourself!’. But removing the label is one thing, actually believing it is another. The pressure and stigma of being perfect is still in the air. And some traditional businesses still insist upon it.
However with writers, speakers, mentors and small Biz Niz owners, we are learning and admitting that perfectionism is just a fast route to no where. I like to encourage you to Be Professional Not Perfect!
I have a chapter in my book The Rule Breakers Guide  titled: Having A Professional Mindset And All That Jazz. It weighs up the disguised messages of being amateur versus professional. Worth a read!

-Using poise is not being fake; it is being professional, strong and composed – Tanya R. Liverman


It is true, we have so many obstacles in our way both external and internal. Both destructive and damaging to our confidence, courage and creativity. I have re-defined the meaning of being professional and given it a much broader perspective. It’s not all about money and having access to certain clubs. Many of the top positions in society that have the power and privilege behave in a way that doesn’t strike me as professional at all. In my book, I write: “The negative implications of being amateur or not yet professional enough can can hinder and damage your spirit and therefore your behaviour – and ultimately your performance.”
So how can you bridge that gap between being a beginner and an accomplished professional?


-Being a professional woman, I function the best when I don’t distinguish between work and play – Cristina Saralegui


Here is a little list of things to try and remember:

  • Mistakes are the best teaching tools.
  • Try this mantra; the more I know the less I realise I know. Keep learning!
  • Persistent and consistent are qualities to acquire.
  • Believe in your personality and let it shine.
  • Don’t let the negative critics disarm you.

-Be Professional Not Perfect! –


In my opinion and experience being professional is about attitude.  Stepping Up and Standing Out. Showing you have the character, aptitude and drive to do the job.
Being determined with that never give up philosophy. I wrote about it last week here.  It is a powerful and advantageous tool to have.
As many of us know – It takes years to become an overnight success –
A professional attitude is most definitely something you achieve and amass as your experience grows. And it reveals itself in small details.
The way you dress, speak and pay attention to others shows not just respect but professionalism. Think about the celebs you admire and recognise and ask yourself; Do they come across as professional?
What are those ingredients they have that convinces you they are professional? Are they setting a good example of professionalism?



-The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it  – Leo Rosten


In the end, it is about behaviour and attitude. We want our work to be excellent, of the highest standard and inviting to future clients and more work. This in its self is a professional perspective.
So, I encourage you to examine your approach and state of mind, to focus on the value of your work and you will notice how professional you will appear to others.
What do you think? Has this changed your opinion of professionalism? Share your point of view in the comments.



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