In my book The Rule Breakers Guide, I talk about the importance of developing consistency and persistency in all areas of our lives but especially in business. If you are a writer and you have a book out on the shelves, you want to see sales and your public profile grow. Speakers want to have more opportunities to get up on stage, speak and be paid. And if you run a small business, you definitely want your sales to flourish and your online presence to bloom. Yet we all know that ‘life happens’ and things change, whether they are political, social or personal. I say: Never Give Up – But Be Ready To Re-Invent Yourself!


-I never lose. Either I win or learn – Nelson Mandela


I think most of you know how important it is to be flexible and keep an open mind especially in these uncertain political times. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Errors, mistakes and life happens! Often circumstances outside of our control. I remember a music festival I was booked to MC. A whole day event and well paid. It rained and it rained and the festival was cancelled. Clients cancel, projects go AWOL and people let you down. Postponements and cancelations are not a rare event in business! And I say: Never Give Up – But Be Ready To Re-Invent Yourself!


Scream, cry even curse, but never give up – Georgia Varjas


Many times in my life I have changed my professional work. From being a playwright, to playing saxophone, a Spoken Word artist, a published author and speaker – and more. I am sure all of you can make a similar hefty list? Jobs for life are a thing of the past. We have to learn to re-invent ourselves. I suggest you:

* Be flexible and be open to other ideas, other possibilities.
* Dig into our own bag of resources.
* Find out what more you have in your creative heads and hearts.
* Ask yourself, am I really really following my passions?
* Am I truly doing what I love?
* Could I do something else?


Never give up, that is just the place and time when the tide will turn – Harriet Beecher Stowe


In my book, I state often the need to question and ask. These are the key steps to achievements, progress and success. It is the way to move on up. So take courage and change up your work, your style or your methods.
Be ready to turn things around 360 if it means a new opportunity, an offer of better pay, conditions and even perks! Don’t see it as giving up or failing.
I remember when I was writing songs for singers, I would present a song and I could see from their facial expressions that they didn’t like it. My response was: No problem!
Then, I’d run off, change the key, sharpen or flatten some notes, fiddle with the lyrics and present the song again.
I didn’t give up – I just re-invented myself and the song!

Be flexible, don’t take it personal and be ready to let your creativity shine. Show your confidence through demonstrating your abilities. Now that is courage!
Never Give Up – But Be Ready To Re-Invent Yourself!

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