Are You Investing In Yourself? You know what I mean? Everything from health and self-care to education and personal and financial development. It also encompasses a wide variety of topics that lead you to that nourishing and flourishing life of greater health and steady wealth. And yet, so many of us create limits about what we could or should invest in. We tell ourselves; it’s too late, I am too old, too young or not good enough to invest in myself. Actually, we are extremely clever at convincing ourselves that our education finished at school and putting extra, time, money and energy into self improvement has no value or outcome. I would like to encourage you to practise the complete opposite! In fact, in this season of great uncertainty investing in yourself is about the the most sane activity to begin.


-Investing in yourself is about the best thing you can do. If you’ve got talents, no one can take them from you – Warren Buffett


Many of us are living in this atmosphere of mistrust, distrust and confusion. Division and disunion is rife. And yet, if you flip & flick the negative influences away, there is a great opportunity to really invest in yourself! Whether it is self-care, eating better, sleeping more, reading or exercising – and actually all of them are super important to your general health. Or learning a new skill, taking what you know to the next level, perhaps even something completely different! Investing in yourself is essential to grow and succeed. (check out last weeks blog)


-Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life but the lives of all those around you – Robin Sharma


Many of us want to write, after all it is one of our most potent tools of construction. From writing a blog post to writing your first or second book. It is stated that in the UK alone 184,000 books are published every year. Books are not going out of fashion any time soon. So, when are you writing yours? How long have you been thinking about it and still not started it? Or perhaps, you have began a structure but over time just let it go? Or even have that blank page syndrome? Too many of my clients have a problem with Not giving their book the importance it deserves. They do not value their own work! This is one of the reasons I feel so passionate about my Mindset Coaching work because I know that investing in yourself pays the best interest!

It’s a funny thing that when we buy, a pair of good boots, a raincoat, a dictionary, a new laptop or mobile we automatically see it as a useful and brilliant investment. We need to do the same with our personal and financial development. As the saying goes: Wake Up. Kickass. Be Kind. Repeat!

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