I am sure you have imagined receiving an award for Business Woman (or Man) of the Year and a hefty grant to go with it!
Perhaps you have dreamed about winning the Booker Prize or Women’s Prize for Fiction. And then, attending your amazing Book Launch at a top location with press and TV galore.
You know that feeling – that wouldn’t it be nice if…
Of course, all of us dream of success. Being in a success moment, receiving our just awards and kudos. But you will be surprised to hear how many people are actually really afraid of it happening. And on top of that go out of their way to sabotage it too! If you really want to Step Up & Stand Out, it is time to Learn How To Handle Success.


-Successful people have fear, doubts and worries, they just don’t let these feeling stop them – T. Harv Eker


I know I have experienced a few nearly famous situations. A fantastic Pan African tour with a vibrant 15 piece band that was cancelled just days before – a huge disappointment and loss of finance. In fact, there are quite a few close encounters of the nearly kind! But I also remember the wonderful time I won first prize at a Spoken Word Slam competition. Against all odds and up alongside 14 prominent male performance poets! I remember the small achievements that came from little steps of courage. From getting my first website up, the completion of the first 100 blog posts and of course,  the  many happy and successful clients. All of these count as success for me. And when you recognise that you have succeeded – what do you do with it? How do you deal with success? Because often when it comes we are surprised! I found it very useful to Learn How To Handle Success.


-Remember today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday – Dale Carnegie


Here are 3 things you can do to Learn How To Handle Success.

They might sound obvious and simple. But as you know being simple doesn’t mean it is easy to do!

  • Build from it. Expand, grow and diversify.
  • Re-invest. Invest in others and learn more skills.
  • Share and give to others. Be generous with your success as Wayne Dyer says: Successful people attract money.

There is so much advice out there about climbing to the top of the ladder. So many coaches and gurus telling you what to do and how to do it. Here is an an example:  11 things successful women do everyday!
But if you have been thinking, dreaming even plotting to write your book and just haven’t got it to the place you want –
Or if you have to appear more on YouTube and on videos, the online stage of today, and lack the confidence or the courage to Step Up & Stand Out in your own unique way –
Or don’t feel you have enough to say, enough to contribute –
Then check out my super Power Hour Sessions aimed at bringing you clarity, clear vision and actionable Steps.
Book in a Discovery Call Now and let’s cracking on your road to success!

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