I have just returned from London and all the buzz and glamour of the London Fashion Week, (although this wasn’t my purpose for the visit!) Eccentric, crazy and innovative fashion was everywhere. But it is probably the last question you ask yourself before you go on stage. What shall I wear? Yet, none of us want to be remembered as kooky, freaky or quirky  because of what we wear.
How do you find the right outfit that makes you feel relaxed and your audience focused on your words and not your attire?
Can you wear the outrageous non-matching outfit? Or that dress with bizarre colours? How do you stand out from the back drop?

Or as they say often in showbiz, “Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be”

Now guys, don’t runaway, this affects you too. Remember, more than half your audience could be female, and the feminine eye will definitely be giving you the once over.

How we dress for stage may not be our number one concern, but before we Step Up & Stand Out, it is a serious consideration.

There are guidelines; be comfortable, not too glittery, or noisy with the jewellery, check your make-up will not drip in front of hot lights, or your trousers spilt if you have to bend forward. It may seem common sense but all those disasters have happened to me.

It is important you feel good in what you wear. You know that saying; dress like a million dollars and you will get a million dollars?
There is a little truth in it. The right outfit can make you feel the part, take on the confidence and give you style.
After all, you wouldn’t  wear your pyjamas or gardening outfit to receive an Oscar.

Some say, be clean, cool and comfortable. Others say, be stylish, elegant and chic. Maybe classic, handsome and distinguished is your manner to appear in public.
Try on your stage outfit for the last video rehearsal and you will see what the audience sees. Does it please your eye? Does it distract? You will know the answer.
My motto is: Dress like you are already famous!

Step Up & Stand Out is all about getting you on stage and creating WOW moments for your audience. If you need guidance, advice or some push, then click on the Lets Talk button and Let’s Talk, it’s free you know!

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