Many people talk about writers block, the muse on holiday, the inspiration that vanished or the life that overtook me.
As a book writing coach, I have to say, I listen to these comments but I don’t really believe in them!
Like many things in life, it is about practise and repetition. Feeling disheartened and disappointed is real! But it is also a moment to stop, and reflect and then change things up.
Writing has many cathartic benefits. It shows you how to reframe experiences, relate your expertise and revitalise your profile. Your words can make a difference.

-Inspiration doesn’t lead to writing. Writing leads to inspiration. Ellery Akers


Let me share with you right here, 5 attitudes to adapt when your writing gets jammed!

Determination is one of those hidden muscles that we often praise in sports people.  Do remember, you have experienced it many times in your life, you just didn’t recognise it!
Determination is about persistence and grit. A bit of backbone and resolve. When you set your mind to finishing and putting down that last – fat – full – stop.

Focus is another super muscle to get out of the bag. It is about clearing the desks and decks, all those distractions that hold you back and delay you.
Sometimes easier said than done but this is when you call on determination to help you out. The 2 work well together. Focus might also mean delegating the workload and teaming up, so you can get on with your writing projects.

Discipline is so important to acquire. A dirty word to many with memories of school, the army or a factory job. Time to loosen up your vocabulary then!
I see my writing work as something I love doing, even when I am having a ‘bad word day’. I switch my thinking around and see the writing as something I want to do.


Team as I mentioned above, having an accountability partner, a brainstorming companion or a writing coach puts you back in the writing flow.
I used all three when writing my books! And I would recommend working with someone you respect and get on well with and knows more than you!

Love of your self is an essential part of finding that full stop and getting through the dark times, the blank page syndromes and other writing ailments.
Make sure you take time out, regular breaks and times when you do nothing but simply taking care of you.

Here are some more thoughts and ideas and solutions

Of course, there will be other tips, tricks and attitudes you will hook onto to get you though any writing traffic jams.
But these 5 Attitudes are a strong start and then have a look at the You may find just the program you are looking for.


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