As a book writing coach, I have heard a lot of rationalisations and apologies as to why a person hesitates to write a book.
Out of all the 53 and a half reasons, excuses and delays that people offer to not start writing their book,
I want to emphasise these 3 points.These three stand out.
They are at the core of most postponements to start writing.

-Postpone joy, it will diminish. Postpone a problem, it will grow – Paul Coelho


Priorities and Time

As we all have the same number of hours in a day, I will not tell you to reorganise or rearrange your pleasure times. But I will share this with you.
Once you have recognised the value of your book content and the importance it has, not just for you but your readership – your priorities change. Like 360 degrees.
As a writing coach and having been at the beginning of the writing process with a few authors now – I can assure you that the love, desire, drive, determination and discipline to write and…finish the book just grows!
The next thing to mention is that it is not a race.
Each writer has to find their own pace and that will vary from chapter to chapter and day to day.

Qualifications and Experience

You do not need a degree, typing certificate or editing abilities to write a book.
Your skills improve and for sure, your writing coach will give you regular feedback and updates.
As your confidence to write develops so does your courage to express, explore and reveal.
You do not need to be a genius at grammar or spelling. You do not need to be famous or infamous (although when it comes to publishing and marketing …it can be)

Expenses and Equipment

Pen/pencil paper/notebook.
Laptop and/or desk top.
Table, chair and good lighting.
Writing apps, gadgets and tools – optional

As a last word, I have to emphasise the benefits of having a writing coach. If you have read any of my other blog posts or my books, you will know that I advocate support, accountability and brainstorming.
I know the huge advantages of having  a coach there for me throughout the book writing roller coast ride. I have done it 4 times now!

You can check out all my programs and events and of course, arrange a call with me to explore your book ideas.

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