Remember that pop song from the Spice Girls back in 1996? The first line ran:  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. Whatever you think of the music or the women who sang it, the lyric is a powerful one. And if you ask yourself what you really really want – do you have an answer?  We can all make a list of physical items we believe would make our lives better. Most of us would love to have a new house, car or even a job! Are those the things that bring on the nourishing and flourishing life? Would you not want more? Wouldn’t you want to be sharing that knowledge, experience and wealth, even giving back? For many of us, it is about making informed decisions. Then taking a direct action. Sounds simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.  This is why I am sharing my 3 Powerful Steps to Knowing What You Want.


-When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it – Jim Rohn


Many of us leave school with very little know-how about the real runnings of the world. Sadly, the average school curriculum does not encourage developing imagination and creative abilities or focusing on life skills such as decision making and thinking for yourself. Many of the classes that teach practical life skills around cooking, self care and financial development just do not exist anymore. Actually, they are survival skills that encourage independence and self care encouraging an awareness about your own health. As a friend of mine explains; read what is on a packet before you buy it or eat it and compare that to a piece of fruit. That way you can make an informed decision.
The most successful people know exactly what they want and take the steps to achieve it. I have learned much from their teachings. I also learned the value of investing in myself as discussed in last weeks blog post. So now, let me share with you the 3 Powerful Steps to Knowing What You Want.


-Get clear on what you want, then find the people to support you to get it – Lewis Howes


3 Powerful Steps to Knowing What You Want.

  • 1. What are your interests? Not just your hobbies but things you feel passionate about?  What would you do now if you had all the resources you needed? Think big, if you are not an authority on this subject, get learning!
  • 2. Who inspires you? Who are your role models. Search them out, list them, name them…become friends with your role models. Dig out those books and videos that encourage your thinking and beliefs.
  • 3. Know what you don’t want. Ahh, exactly what you will not tolerate, put up with or accept. You can be open and ready to say yes to opportunities that benefit you AND you can say No.


Understanding and putting into practise this topic is something I shall be expanding on in the 2nd webinar in the Step Up & Stand Out series: How to Gain Confidence, Courage & Creativity to Step Up & Stand Out.
Knowing what you want is often the hardest question to answer authentically. I shall be talking about this in detail and offering some super Steps.
You will learn how develop that confident and courageous mindset and feel ready to make informed decisions and go for what you really really want.

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In the meantime, spend some time thinking and writing about the things you really really want now!


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